Log Horizon 2 07


Dozo: Tomodachi?

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11 Responses to “Log Horizon 2 07”

  1. Turri says:

    This shitty arc is still on-going. And apparently a large portion of this episode was filler.

    For fucks sake I just want to see Shiroe and his shenanigans during the raid,.

    • Dozo says:

      If im counting right its been since episode 4 now since we’ve seen him not in some flashback or a phone convo.

    • Shinji10TH says:

      Well it’s the latest volume of the LN, they can’t rush it, even if there’s only 5 episodes left (It’s 12 total, rght ?)
      And if there’s 24, they have more reason to take it slow.

  2. Anon says:

    Never underestimate how much DEEN can ruin an adaption.

    • herkz says:

      You realize the staff is all the same, right? The director and series comp are the same as season 1, so it has nothing to do with DEEN. Unless you think they magically suck now. Way more likely it’s bad because they’re running out of source material and have to stretch it out.

      • Chinateh says:

        But it sux in animation terms etc.

        Also I dislike new character projects…

      • Csiko says:

        No, but better animation would make this garbage adaption at least slightly more tolerable. Not saying S1 was that good either. It’s so dragged out that it’s painful, the fact that it looks like shit is just salt in the wound.

        • herkz says:

          Except Satelight is a much worse studio than DEEN. If they did it now, it would look even worse. You should be glad they turned it down because they were too busy.

  3. anon-kun says:

    Its not a filler guys, its all part of the LN’s Vol.6, Shiroe’s in Vol. 7