Log Horizon 2 09


Dozo: Excuse the delays. Episode 10 should be out sometime tomorrow.

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9 Responses to “Log Horizon 2 09”

  1. Slit says:

    Thank you

  2. firecow says:

    Any update on Psycho pass 2 yet?

  3. Goji says:

    What about the other delays? Depressing to see the second season of a good show now ruined by a bad studio getting caught up before shows like Inou Battle and Denk-gai.

  4. Chalys says:

    By the gods, thank you, I almost forgot about this, I needed this-I WAS ON WITHDRAWAL AND I DIDN’T KNOW

    . . . But yes, thank you.

  5. Neros says:

    Thx for this. By the way, is there any direct download links? The old Pack Listing link I tried doesn’t work anymore.