Log Horizon 2 11


Dozo: Goddamnit. Why is Tetra so cute?

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13 Responses to “Log Horizon 2 11”

  1. Catastrophe says:

    >muh tetra

    shut up dozo, Marie a best

  2. taz says:

    “Why is Tetra so cute?”
    Because you’re gay, son.

  3. PaulNamida says:

    It’s a trap!

  4. bbo says:

    It’s dangling!

  5. Nekomimishinigami says:

    You may run, but the trap will chase you. Dick flapping in the wind.

  6. Chinateh says:

    Tetra is my wai… husband.

  7. Kiyoso says:

    >why is Tetra so cute?

    Because she is not.

  8. Mini says:

    Man, look at all these anti-Tetra faggots. Please refine your tastes, plebs.

  9. Anifan says:

    Harem route accepted

  10. admiraLeric says:


  11. dizzle83 says:

    Tetora is a trap? She was really growing on me. I feel . . . entrapped. How can I unlearn this.

  12. septboyboy says:

    thank you commie subs!
    you guys are the only subbers i know that fully sub the “UI” of the anime.
    my immersion have improved so much because of you guys.

    love your work:D