sasuga guys


Dozo: Are her tits supposed to be that big?

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7 Responses to “sasuga guys”

  1. Fullhand says:

    gotta get me dem tits

  2. SchRita says:

    WTF suddenly you’re so fast, what’s up with that? You’re not even Commie anymore…

  3. Cezar says:

    Yeah, database.

  4. Zannafar says:

    Yes, they are supposed to be that big.
    In the flashbacks, Kanami plays a Samurai which had smaller breasts. When she started new on the european server she made a Monk with bigger breasts.

  5. Kiyoso says:

    How do I fold this tits?

  6. billy says:

    my question is this how can shiro go from kanami to akasuki unless he into children