Log Horizon 2 18


Dozo: I uhh… totally didn’t forget to release this…
fugiman: <ServrheV5> ​SPELL CHECK: Akihabara should probably be Babara on lines: 66, 238, 243, 251
fugiman: <Xythar> Akihabara Streisand
fugiman: http://youtu.be/uu_zwdmz0hE
jdp: #fuckdozo
Dozo: #fuckjdp
skiddiks: hi

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3 Responses to “Log Horizon 2 18”

  1. Chalys says:

    Thank you much for your continuous efforts!

    Also, Hello Skiddiks. xD

  2. bbo says:

    It’s the night of slaughter,
    the rain turns red.
    Hear the god’s laughter,
    as the child crys in their bed.

  3. Anon says:

    Why can’t USA distinguish between dragons and wyverns? Both Japan and Poland can.

    Thanks Bethesda.