Log Horizon 21


fugiman: Nobody saw that earlier version. trichinas isn’t an idiot. I’m not lying to you.

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8 Responses to “Log Horizon 21”

  1. general0 says:

    I did see that version… :) I was lurking at #news and downloaded as soon I a saw an Ad.

  2. riknap says:

    alright, spit it. what’s the difference between F61CB8E6 and 62388659 ? xD

  3. Max says:

    Already downloaded and deleted the previous version! ^_^’
    Thanks for the episode! ;)

  4. Alien says:

    I feel so dumb. I’ve already updated my videoplayer, installed new splitter and new subtile filter. And it turns out that version had no subs.

  5. Anger_Xero says:

    As soon as I saw the earlier version on the Cerebrate botlist I got excited and downloaded it. When I heard them talking and saw no subs I thought something was wrong, but I didn’t panic. Thanks for your hard work guys! You rock! ;)

  6. Commander Bubble says:

    You might want to take the unsubbed version down from the XDCC bots then? both are still list on Tori as of writing this.