Lupin the Third Part 5 16


herkz: apparently they speak japanese in padar???

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5 Responses to “Lupin the Third Part 5 16”

  1. degozaru says:


    Is there something going on with the XDCC bot? I can’t download anything from it. It starts the transfer, but stops at 256KB and then eventually times out. It’s the only one I’m having issues with.

    • herkz says:

      are you trying to download on IRC or the website?

      • degozaru says:

        IRC. It starts sending the right file, but then just stops and eventually errors out. I tried a few different ones and they all did the same thing.

        • herkz says:

          well i can’t help you there since it could be any number of things. anyway, if you just click on the files on the packlist for the bot, you can download without using IRC.

          • degozaru says:

            It’s weird because it worked fine last week. Thanks, I never realized they were actual download links.