Macross Frontier Movie(s)

Disclaimer: Not for the weak of CPU.

Movie 1 (Itsuwari no Utahime):
The False Songstress

Torrent | DDL
Audio: 5.1 AAC

Torrent | DDL
Audio: 2.0 AAC

5.1 FLAC Audio
Torrent | DDL
Mux it yourself, you damn FLAC junkies

But I want the 5.1 AAC with my 720 video!
No, no you don’t.

Movie 2 (Sayonara no Tsubasa):
The Wings of Goodbye

Coming SoonTM

Why so delayed? No jokes, at one point the script looked like this.

Accidentally encoded the 1080p twice, 720p in 5-10 hours.

Torrent | DDL
Audio: 5.1 AAC

Torrent | DDL
Audio: 2.0 AAC

Edit: [62456A25] doesn’t have audio. [D78D02D3] is the correct version. If you had somehow managed to download it, here is the 2.0 AAC. Also, here is the 5.1 AAC for you whiners.

5.1 FLAC Audio
Torrent | DDL


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136 Responses to “Macross Frontier Movie(s)”

  1. Solidus Snake says:

    A couple of edits

    The line Griffithburg should be Griffith Park (based off a real park in LA I believe).

    You have a line that says to Delta 1, and it should be Delta 1 to Skull 1.

    Pablo Platoon should be Purple Platoon (around 1:07:09)

    There’s a line where you said “as medium” and it should be “as a medium.” That was the only errors I picked up for now. You guys don’t have to make a v2, but if anyone wants to edit the subs themselves, then this is for you

  2. Santtu says:

    Umm.. My video is Broken half like this.


    i run on FullHD monitor.
    i always whatch Commies subs on Highest resolution there is. (+ flac)

    and everything has worked
    10bit or 8bit awesome.

    and i whatced just UN GO and persona. and they work fine.

    anyone knows what is the problem?

  3. KgOlve says:

    There are no subtitles! There are just 26 lines of some crap ..

  4. KgOlve says:

    Crap as in empty lines or untimed lines, etc.
    Im talking about the second movie. Both 1080p and 720p.

  5. flobo says:

    Thank you all for the fantastic release.

    I had NEVER watched a 10bits h264 release before, and i have to say it was just fantastic, never before had i seen such colors on my tv screen. (It actually makes most of the other stuff look bad ^^ ).

  6. Drekkler says:

    MFW I open the ass file.

  7. Dark Schneider says:

    Fantastic job guys and gals! Not that you asked for it, but damn if I would not at least donate something to express my thanks for your time and effort.

  8. Vst says:

    Wow, this movie was more terrible than the last one. Should have just stuck with only watching the series. At least throw me some ecchi if you’re going to bore me for 2 hours.

  9. Welp says:

    I got the 1080p with AAC, it plays on WMP with no subs, but crashes on MPC. Any clues to why?

    • nINJAkECIL says:

      If you want to play with WMP with subs:

      > Open Haali Media Splitter Settings

      > Click Options tab

      > Expand the Compability (clicked the “+” sign)

      > Click Autoload VSFilter, change the value to YES.

  10. archindar says:

    ya so maybe i shouldnt have cared but because u gave me the option i muxed the flac audio with the 1080p. and i just want you to know it took FOREVER!@

  11. desperado says:

    Did you guys use subtitles for this translation? You’ve got a bunch of glaring errors… :(

    Right in the beginning is one… Michael says “Skull 2 to 4”

  12. iluvrice2 says:

    Anyone else have the front audio playing from the rear speakers? I’m running the HTPC through Onkyo reciever using XBMC.

    • iluvrice2 says:

      Check that. I’m getting the center channel from the left rear, and everything seems shifted over a bit from there. Strangest thing. Everything else works fine.

  13. newfag.com says:


    i downloaded the one without audio. how do i use this? thanks in advance

  14. alter says:

    Thanks for the release. I noticed that from 1:11:43 to around 1:13:20 the image becomes grainy. Is the original raw really like that or was this a minor quirk from encoding?

  15. deculture says:

    Hai hai, a question here please.

    Is the 2nd movie [720p] also 10bit? Cause in the end at staff credits roll i saw this 8bit symbol. Now i’m kinda confused. ?_?

  16. erephy says:

    OMG, no “my boyfriend is a pilot” song!! I’m disapointed in may ways with the ending :(

  17. LSD says:

    top subs thx, also lol’d at the 8bit logo

    and there has to be another movie after an end like that! (although they did tie up alot of the main story)

  18. deculture says:

    Oh lol, i’ve been lied. XD

    I agree there should be another movie, the end kind of “what? alto joining vajra? why not ranka she’s the queen!”.

  19. ze-ra says:

    How come when i play the the movie ( 1080p version ) on my classic media player it has two split screen while playing the movie.
    can someone help me and fix this problem

  20. Ressy says:

    I must congratulate you guys.
    The 1080p release did what playing Crysis at 1920×1080 could not, kick my computers @ss.

    *goes off to download the 720p in shame*

  21. ffh2303 says:

    It’s not a perfect release but THANK YOU.I can’t express my gratitude enough,finally i can watch the ending for the saga.
    BTW,Sheryl FTW!

    • zaedaus says:

      oh man please dont say that you just said the conclusion of the second movie…. its the biggest spoiler i’ve ever heard if its true

  22. DeathKila says:

    “I walk and long path”


    Script still looks like this.

  23. deadguy says:

    wierd I downloaded the 1080p version twice already yet I can’t seem to play it. I’m using K-Lite and was able to play 10 bit videos before. All I get when playing it is some wierd noises with no video

  24. Peorth says:

    I dunno if anybody noticed this but there’s something weird in the encode for both 720p and 1080p (I got both). From approximated 1:11-1:13 into the video, there is a massive increase in grain. I thought at first it was deliberate since it seemed the characters were being viewed from a CCTV camera. However, this is not the case. My system can handle the 1080p just marginally, so when it hit the “high grain” portion everything became horribly choppy. The grain disappeared roughly after 1:13. So any explanation for this?

  25. mascthemoney says:

    all ranka had to do was give sheryl a lesbo kiss.

  26. Matt says:

    I also noticed that from 1:11:43 to around 1:13:20 tt became quite grainy, the thing is, it also becomes choppy and audio seems to desync (not using FLAC, just AAC).

    Audio desync’d from video and subs a few times during the movie. It’s weird, never happened with a movie before in my computer.

  27. Adrius says:

    Awesome work! Great subs and video quality.

    Thank you. Been waiting for the final for so long…!