Today I received this lovely email from a gentleman named Fatalis Falus ([email protected]). Below is the email in its entirety:


Your group doing Guilty Crown subbing?

What the fuck is with every single comment of your lame thoughts on every single line in the anime?
What the fuck seriously?

Do you think anyone gives a fuck about what you think you faggot? If you’re going to sub, just sub, do a good job. Don’t be a fucking faggot tagging every single fucking needless words in every fucking line. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR COMMENT. DONT EVEN SUB IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO DO SERIOUSLY. WTF? GO FUCKING DIE IDIOT. HOW ABOUT SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE HEAD?

Fuckers like you ruin the whole anime experience.


I.. I have no words. Is this some kind of retard using a broken setup that shows comments even though they’re supposed to be comments (and thus invisible) during playback? Or is this an asspained Brazilian translating off our script in Aegisub.

Either way, I found this fucking hilarious.

Now it’d be funny even if that was the end of his butthurt, but the fun train doesn’t stop there.

Yes, that’s right. This guy manually signed me up for 10+ porn sites. Unfortunately I don’t think he realized every single one of them states:

NOTE: If you received this email in error and did not sign up for a * account you can simply ignore this email – no account will be activated and no further emails will be sent to you.


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149 Responses to “Mad”

  1. Blasterion says:

    Haters will hate

  2. Pencil says:


  3. t4w says:

    Anus incinerated.

  4. PaulNamida says:

    I guess the proper reaction would be a mix of LOL and :facepalm:

  5. Meruru says:

    I’m in tears.

  6. airco says:

    Really, it’s his own fault for watching Guilty Crown.

    • Catastrophe says:

      shut up you D:

      in all seriousness…… nope, have no witty comment, my brain is still rebooting from all that bullshit

  7. DeckuZora says:

    As much as I dislike when a group page is used as a blog -(what would we do without you, WordPress? Oh right, use php) – anime fans can be almost as bad as CoD fanboys. That said: I believe VLC actually displays comments, but gg makes it basically impossibly illegible because of that “feature”.

  8. Xythar says:

    hahah oh wow

  9. Goalposthead says:

    Some jerkoffs just don’t get it. Anyway, who forces him to *read* the comments, should they even appear for no valid reason, like looking for them?
    He can still click the dl link and make an abstraction of everything else.
    He probably needed to vent his general frustration about nobody giving a flying “fuck” about him (I use that word because he seems so fond of it). You were the first thing that he came across and so you got the heat.
    Someone needs to move out of his mom’s basement. He knows way too many porn sites :)

  10. Kyhz says:

    I’ll take that xHamster account if you’re not using it.

  11. Des says:

    Lol @ the porn site registrations

    • Des says:

      I should have read the “Yes, that’s right. This guy manually signed me up for 10+ porn sites.”
      before posting that message.
      Wasn’t that funny now :P

  12. Goalposthead says:

    Also, if it’s in the video, he really should, indeed, upgrade his vlc or whatever player he’s got.

  13. Shiftah says:

    Yet more conclusive proof that the internet is full of fucktards and anime fans are no exception.

    hahaha awesome.

  14. erejnion says:

    Now I feel like watching Guilty Crown… wait, no, just reading the script.

    • AMg says:

      Fanssubing: Itz srs bzness.

      I’m with you, bro. Those comments in the script must be fucking hilarious.

  15. Petrushka says:

    >showing comments



    lol! retard!

  16. Orcus says:

    I hope my comments will one day cause this level of butthurt.

  17. Dou says:

    ahahah I love this.

  18. lol says:

    Seems like he hurts himself by watching fansubs he hates lol. I’m also at a lost reading that guys email considering he must be downloading commie subs but he hates it so much. This seems ironic.

  19. stgmefly says:

    I….. Oh fuck. I just woke up and read this now my head hurts…..

  20. nig says:

    This amuses me

  21. Tassadar says:

    I kind of want to do the same shit to him. Actually, I can set up a script that will email him from a random email and random ip address at a timed rate… =P

  22. Tassadar says:

    And don’t hate on Guilty Crown < 3

  23. anfuerudo says:

    Oh, wow!
    Another incredible example of retard being.

  24. bitcores says:

    >liking GC enough to care about comments

    I sure hope not.

  25. evilcorn says:

    hahahahaha yes

  26. CrimsonX says:

    Wow. . . . when that guy turns out to be a child rapist/murderer the FBI will probably contact you and ask why you didn’t report him lol

  27. Amon says:

    Some kids just want to watch the anime world burn.

  28. Another-kun says:

    So there is people like that in the world…but seriously, this is way too funny :D

  29. skeine says:

    Media player devices generally have crappy subtitle support and display comments along with the text – at least mine does. Though I generally find them amusing and/or illuminating as a peek into the fansubbing process.

  30. Tarak says:

    His jammies are so rustled

  31. matt says:

    U MAD SON?!?

  32. Yue says:

    I wouldn’t say if you were paying a subscription, like crunchyroll, then you’d be well within in your rights to complain, but this isn’t the case, so please die in a fire.
    I swear people who get stuff for free are alway the first to complain about nothing.

  33. seyrine says:

    It’s hard to take that seriously with a f-bomb dropping in every single sentence. He could’ve taken the time to expand his vocabulary first before posting.

    And with that, off to watch GC again with the comments turned on. xD

  34. SPidey says:

    That post gave me cancer.

  35. rina says:

    what so sudden.

    you guys do a great job commie,
    he just dont have an attitude to appriciate someone works.

    keep on subbing guys.
    thanks ^ ^

  36. Alibabaa says:

    Looks like someone need to upgrade their video player.

  37. Lee says:

    That degenerative monkey, I thought I would never see one of those again.

  38. KaneFaolan says:

    what a moron.

  39. diegolg says:

    Man, I’m brazilian and I fucking only watch fucking animes in english, fuck. 10 more porn sites for you, sir.

    Okay, kidding. Keep up the good job and don’t feed the trolls.

  40. Archiev says:

    that guy….is pain in the ass…==”a

  41. Anonymous says:

    Something that outdated would also not be able to decode 10bit. You’d think he’d notice that first.

  42. YukitoOnline says:

    The perfect example of one the “Otaku-wannabes” being retarded as fuck. XD

  43. AeiroWultx says:

    Out of those 9 porn sites screenshot’ed, I only use 1 of them.

  44. ElDiablo says:


  45. Vertaxis says:

    Just send it to the bit bucket. /dev/null his ass.

    Thanks for all the good work on subbing all your projects.

  46. Launian says:

    What’s so wrong with Commie’s comments? I’ve laughed my ass off with some of them, Case in point, I just finished translating Shinsekai 04 to spanish, and you cost me 5 minutes of laughter with the “lol paedopriest” comment.

    Some other things are more annoying, like you “translating” “tsundere” as “Hot n’ Cold” on a Steins;Gate episode. Fuck the Katy Perry reference. But still, we can love you despite of that.

    On another matter, shouldn’t he had to have updated his player in order to watch 10-bit videos?

  47. Maga Nosferatu says:

    Haters gonna hate
    ( >.<)====|])( '3')

  48. Pendragon says:

    nahhh don’t worry about them haters…anyway we need to vent out stress from stuff right? and it’s always good to see those side comments once in a while :) (but i guess his method of venting out is..just sad xD)

    keep up the good work commie! :D

  49. qwertyuiop says:

    That guy is a fucking faggot. Why bother downloading here if you can find other subbed release out there? fucking idiot. Oh well, I just want my weekly dose of JoJo.