Today I received this lovely email from a gentleman named Fatalis Falus ([email protected]). Below is the email in its entirety:


Your group doing Guilty Crown subbing?

What the fuck is with every single comment of your lame thoughts on every single line in the anime?
What the fuck seriously?

Do you think anyone gives a fuck about what you think you faggot? If you’re going to sub, just sub, do a good job. Don’t be a fucking faggot tagging every single fucking needless words in every fucking line. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR COMMENT. DONT EVEN SUB IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO DO SERIOUSLY. WTF? GO FUCKING DIE IDIOT. HOW ABOUT SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE HEAD?

Fuckers like you ruin the whole anime experience.


I.. I have no words. Is this some kind of retard using a broken setup that shows comments even though they’re supposed to be comments (and thus invisible) during playback? Or is this an asspained Brazilian translating off our script in Aegisub.

Either way, I found this fucking hilarious.

Now it’d be funny even if that was the end of his butthurt, but the fun train doesn’t stop there.

Yes, that’s right. This guy manually signed me up for 10+ porn sites. Unfortunately I don’t think he realized every single one of them states:

NOTE: If you received this email in error and did not sign up for a * account you can simply ignore this email – no account will be activated and no further emails will be sent to you.


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149 Responses to “Mad”

  1. Boonie says:

    I hate you fags too, but even I think this is fucking pathetic.

  2. ExplodingLemons says:

    looks like a strong case of INTERNET RAGE!!!!!

  3. woodgrain says:


  4. EetsoMatsuguri says:

    I kinda want to see these comments now I thought your subs were beyond great.

  5. hehahohee says:

    You’ve been hiding commentary in my animu and you didn’t tell me?

  6. Chris says:

    Keep up the good work. I propose we burn that person before he lays eggs. *insert a bit of sarcasm

  7. raa says:

    Dude we love you. Now to get in and find those comments! I’m sure they’re teh lulz and awesome win! I look forward to reading these “SHITTY FUCK COMMENTS EVERY FUCKING LINE” =)

  8. Mac says:

    What was he attempting when signing up for all of those porn sites? Porn never hurt anyone… Unless of course you are one of those that were watching it when your wife walks in and you get divorced and left with thousands of dollars of debt…)

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      porn sites send lots of mail.

      they sell your email to other places that send lots of mail.

  9. -X-Mazohyst-X- says:

    Well whatever I appreciate your subs. And Guilty Crowns MC was so lame I only watched like 3 episodes before throwing in the towel, he needed to man up faster.

    • Silent Rage says:

      I thought the same and did the same too…
      expected it to be much better then what it was… -__-
      GC is in my -not to watch again- list.

      I think I need new eyeballs to see those comments…cuz then maybe and only for those comments, I’ll do a rewatch for GC, just to read it and have fun.and not to be regreted over downloading it. that Fuck’s Lover boya need to get laid or maybe to grow balls, sry meant olds.

      :Bow: without you around -even if you made mistakes whcih I didn’t find till now- I would be -many would be too- lost…thx for the always update and the hard work.

  10. Solaristics says:

    LOL. That guy knows a lot of porn sites mang. I bet he feels lonely everytime.

  11. LKP says:

    Seriously, what is this asshat’s problem? Your fansubs are what help me to decide what shows to buy on blu-ray and dvd.

  12. Leafsapphire says:

    I’m Brazilian and have to say that Brazilians subbers suck.
    Would not be surprised if it was some idiot from a Brazilian fansubber who sent this…

    • br br says:

      yeah, they only have about 2 fansub groups for each anime (sometimes only 1) and the best you find is 480p .avi, if not 360p .rmvb, 10bits 720p nowhere to be found

  13. K says:

    Oh shit guys, we have a keyboard warrior! gg

    Seriously though, if that fool isn’t trolling, because I find it hard to take seriously, whatever. It’s not even that big of a deal.

    I approve of your work. Keep it up. I, for one, appreciate it.

  14. anon-kun says:

    Should I just go ahead and blame VLC or do you think this is re-encode/WinDVD/PowerDVD/RealPlayer/QuickTime™-tier shit?

  15. mk says:

    lol he mad bro

  16. bautrey says:

    I think your subs are great. I think its hilarious whenever the subs purposely move out of the way the text that comes in from the side of the screen.

  17. LuCiFeR| says:


  18. Enkel says:

    That fuckhead is completely fucked in the head.

  19. Rewston says:

    hilarious idd ^^

  20. Akagi says:

    lol i love how he tells u to grow up when clearly he’s the one that needs growing up…

  21. sboob says:


  22. Anony says:

    Not in MPC, I think you need to demux the file and extract the subtitle track to read the comments (feel free to correct me, I’m sure there are easier methods)

    • Joe4evr says:

      There are players that allow showing the comments of a subtitle track while watching the video. GomPlayer is the only one I know off the top of my head, but there might be others.

  23. kenshi4545 says:

    well, no matter how you look at it, those who watch the anime subbed by this site shouldn’t not have any right to complain about the video produced since it a free subbed video anyway..
    You can go to other site if dissatisfied, buy the subbed anime in a shop or better get a dictionary for Japanese and translate manually every single word they said.. Seriously sad case those who posted that comment like Fatalis Falus still exist.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      I hate that argument. Just because it’s free doesn’t make it immune to criticism. We’re fully aware that we can drop the ball sometimes, and it helps when people are constructive.

      Shit like this guy though? We laugh our asses off and make website posts about them.

  24. Cali says:

    That guy is just trolling.

    But I appreciate your work! :)

  25. zero says:

    lulz. this guy is what makes fansubbing fun.

    or did he mistake you guys for [Your-Mom] group when they did that heroic age anime? :P

    beside, it would be cool to see commies use their own comments about the anime. you ARE entitle to your own. and if they don’t like it, they can alway go to another group or pay for premium on crunchywoll.

  26. Wow, so much porn sites. This guy sure do not have a life. Do not mind him, he is just jealous of your group ^___^

  27. Reso says:

    Oh man, I haven’t giggled like that in a while.

    Keep up the work Commie. Maybe your be upheld by the gods… and trolls like this guy xD

  28. vivant says:

    it’s fucking hilarious indeed.

    haters gonna hate, don’t mind them~

  29. Azuma says:

    I’m guessing he’s probably watching it from one of those home media thingies and not watching it from a computer? Most of the time these devices don’t support hiding comments and text stylings and suchs(For example DUNE HD whatever or Xtremer something or rather).

  30. Pyromanci says:

    I do agree with this guy to a point, when you see a group put stupid comments in the TL (which i don’t remember any in GC) it makes me a little upset. If it continually happens i just find a different sub group. I don’t go on a nerd rage troll fest like this guy did.

    • Xythar says:

      The only comments we include are formatted as hidden comments in the script, so the only way he could see them is if either his player was broken or he demuxed the script and looked at it directly. They’re intended for our reference, not to be seen by the viewer.

      • Pyromanci says:

        Ya that i could careless about. i don’t see it so whatever, but i have seen groups put comments like “Some stupid move name” and have it display at the top as a TL name.

        Never seen you guys do that, so was little confused why he was doing a troll rage.

    • Leafsapphire says:

      Even if had any comments I wouldn’t mind, as long as they were in a separate .ass, it would be funny to hear from those who work in the project.

  31. faggotsubber says:

    Oh God, dat name.

  32. anon says:

    wait, there are comments inside? how come i never see them with mkvextract?

  33. Proud fapper says:

    On the bright side maybe you can have some 1080p hentai from all those sites.

  34. bloodyknight85 says:

    Wow… Mad is an understatement, man… Oh, the internet…

  35. the_trooper says:

    this shit was funny as fuck

  36. Ryoshi says:

    My sides X’D

  37. chill says:

    Lol, dude. If you wanted to watch porn together, you could’ve just said so. ;))

  38. ASD says:

    Wow, but this gave me an idea, Release some anime with visible comments only and no actuals subs :), like a review almost.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      The hardest part of doing that would be coming up with comments for every line.

      Maybe just paste logs from staff.

      • torchlight says:

        Make everybody QC watch the show before it gets out, then compile the logs and mux with the release?

        Sounds like a great idea.

  39. xFerret says:

    Lol you read emails? Someone just trolled himself into 120 replies of internet fame.

    Btw, if you, like, want a suggestion?: keep the xHamster account.

  40. Recently says:

    GC was a terrible show. You should have added the comments to be visible to make the show more watchable imo.

  41. dude_who_faps_a_lot says:

    who gives a shit about what other fucking facktards think. I haven’t seen those comments nor have I seen GC. but keep adding those comments just to show them that you don’t give a slightest fuck about what those fucking ass dipshit whiny geeks think. keep up the good work commie. \m/

  42. BassDX says:

    My roomate and I watched your sub of Steins;Gate through his WD Media Player on his TV, so we were able to see the comments. Personally, we found them hilarious and actually spot on with what was going on in the show.

  43. Leguna says:

    People like him should die in the worst possible way anyone can think of. Who gives a damn about those comments. I actually find it amusing just by reading all those comments in the show :))

  44. Thia says:

    I’ve been out for two days and when I do, you guys got yourself a hater?

    That person clearly has no life… or maybe he does, but he’s definitely not using it wisely.

    And too much time on his hands to have signed you up in all those sites and write a hate mail… More or less in twenty minutes (there’s so much more he could have done with that than trying to act like fan-subbing god but ending up looking stupid).

    As for the comments, I actually find them amusing at times. And yeah, if one doesn’t like it, one could just ignore it.

    And does he even know the meaning of all those words he wrote? Or just trying to swear as much without taking into consideration the actual meaning of those words?

    No one can please everybody. But feel proud if I were you. If you got haters like this, then you must be someone worth of someone else’s envy.

  45. trololol says:

    lol at that guy comment… seems like he didn’t read his email himself before send it, didn’t he? it’s hilarious someone can use brain like that in this kind of time. lol

  46. Asakura says:

    Lol. Which episodes have comments in them? I’d like to read them :P

  47. Scorps says:

    Haha, what a pathetic kid.
    I laughed hard at the non-stop raging.

  48. santa says:

    “if you dont like it, you can quit”