Magi 3, Ixion Saga DT 3

Magi 3

Ixion Saga DT 3

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13 Responses to “Magi 3, Ixion Saga DT 3”

  1. unreverse says:

    Lack of chaptering on Magi?

    • JBHUTT09 says:

      Based on the last few days I’d say these guys are really busy with other stuff. They do this for free and we should be happy they do it at all. So what if a few episodes are ‘late’ or there isn’t chaptering? They’re usually perfect so this is perfectly fine once in a while.

    • CaeX says:

      Seems to be that way

  2. Red says:

    For Magi 3, there were some timing and script issues so I made some edits. Here’s the link.

    I also made a chapter file. Here’s the link.
    You’ll need to mux a new file for the chapters to work though. Global tab -> Chapters section -> Browse -> add file. Don’t forget to put the .ass in there while you’re at it.
    Commie devs, if there’s a batch or something later, you can just use these as a v2. Same for that Psychopass episode earlier.

    • herkz says:

      You should probably stop wasting your time with these because this stuff was already fixed by us and there will be v2 in the eventual batch.

  3. abc says:

    Finally Magi.. Love you commie :)

  4. plasmacannon says:

    anyway, what is “DT”?
    not the title

  5. Jimmeh says: