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This is a translation project for Type-Moon’s newest game, Mahoutsukai no Yoru. Enjoy. (?)


Translation: Nanu
QC: DxuselesS, Kyhz
Hacking/Engineering: kingshriek, TinFoil
Image Editing: Vodka
Useless/Project Management: herkz
Expert Witness: Moogy



  1. Jun. 27th 2013 – 50% translated.
  2. Jun. 10th 2013 – Chapter 7 translated.
  3. May. 12th 2013 – Chapter 6 translated.
  4. Apr. 24th 2013 – Translated through Chapter 5. Not dead, see?
  5. Nov. 11th 2012 – Project announced



Chapter Translated (kb) Total (kb) Progress
Chapter 01 113.56 113.56 100.00%
Chapter 02 51.44 51.44 100.00%
Chapter 03 7.55 7.55 100.00%
Chapter 04 41.63 41.63 100.00%
Chapter 05 167.56 167.56 100.00%
Chapter 06 68.75 68.75 100.00%
Chapter 07 104.01 104.01 100.00%
Chapter 08 52.35 150.90 34.69%
Chapter 09 74.52 74.52 100.00%
Chapter 10 56.48 56.48 100.00%
Chapter 11 27.32 64.17 42.58%
Chapter 12 0.00 105.66 0.00%
Chapter 13 3.48 45.00 7.74%
Omake 61.54 169.77 36.25%
Total 830.20 1221.01 67.99%


What happened to the other people working on Mahoyo’s translation?
The dude that did the demo’s translation was bad/wrong and would need to be completely TLCed/redone. All the people from Amaterasu were busy and didn’t/couldn’t work on it at all.
Are you going to release any partial patches?
Probably not.
Are you recruiting?
Any ETA?


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1,355 Responses to “VNs”

  1. Mohummed Kazmi says:

    Do not pay attention to the impatient people. We should be grateful that you guys are still working on this. I have high hopes that it’ll be done by the end of this year. Even if it isn’t, its fine. I believe you guys will finish it eventually

    • Dartinhu5 says:

      This is not about being impatient, Herkz knows this very well, otherwise he wouldnt reply on the first place.

      This is the first attempt this sub has ever tried to do in a VN (as a group), and in that regard there ARE a lot of competent people that would be more than willing to give a hand.

      I’v been following Herkz work since Grisaia (the same goes for DxS), and while he is not that good as a “useless/manager”, he is a damn good editor, and recently the only one who can actually update something.
      That being said i hopped that he could at least give some more accurate update on the project, or ask the current editor to do so….

  2. Renoir says:

    As long as herkz says they are still actively working on it I’ll just wait patiently for it to be finished someday. I know we’re being kept in the dark about the whole progress and shit, but I keep my hopes up..

  3. jojo reference says:

    I played the demo that (guy i forget the name of) translated years ago. I thought it was cool at the time, but it’s been like 4 years since then. i’ve still been waiting for this but my hype has gone down a ton. So what i wanna ask is, is this game actually worth it? what really hooked me was the battle scenes, the sitting around the living room drinking tea i could care less. how much of the former is there compared to the latter?

    i do agree that by keeping up this infinite 100% but unreleased status is basically killing any chance of anyone else translating this. and lots of folks have shown interest in doing it themselves

  4. bobo says:

    lmao I started and finished my undergrad over the course of this project

  5. Nurse says:

    I remember when you guys announced this project, I got really excited because I love aoko. I hear you guys are making progress, but would it hurt to update this page once a year? it’d probably silence some of the complaints.

  6. Kiss says:

    >When Mcjon is still moving faster than a full team

    Fucking how

    • herkz says:

      translator is in medical school
      editor has a job (and is lazy)

      for all you know, mcjon could be a NEET with nothing better to do.

      • Kiss says:

        >Translator in med school

        That’s kind of a huge commitment to balance with translating, especially a Nasu VN.

        Plus I heard the editing is all that really remains to be done, so if that’s true, the translator is not really needed like Random Guy said (or at least, not to the extent that he would be like if they had nothing translated at all and were just starting).

        >Editor has job + lazy

        Then why is he working on a translation project? That’s not really showing a lot of motivation and if time is the main factor, he shouldn’t have been on the project beforehand.

        If a NEET with nothing better to do can get more done than a team of (at minimum for the moment) two people, I’d say there’s a problem with the efficiency of said team. In no world should one man be able to translate and edit more than a dedicated team of two people who can split tasks between each other.

        What I say might sound harsh, but it’s a fact. There are always three requirements needed to complete any project within a reasonable amount of time.

        1. The required skills (done and done by having a translator and editor at minimum)

        2. The time (at least one of the members has time constraints due to med school, the other possibly due to his job)

        3. The dedication / motivation (med school guy might have this, but if the editor is known to be lazy, he shouldn’t be working on this)

        Mcjon has two of the requirements while this team has only one fully under its belt. I’d say this a big issue that needs to be addressed.

        • Kiss says:

          >Mcjon has two

          Meant to say three. However, he lacks manpower / numbers, which should trump him regardless of his time and dedication.

        • herkz says:

          the translator is helping the editor and TLCing to make sure it’s still right after editing (since it needs to be changed quite a bit).

          also, we have been trying to find a different editor for years now, but everyone who joins doesn’t last long.

    • Random guy says:

      Well, a whole team’s not exactly needed at the stage Commie’s at right now…

  7. Name says:

    Unrelated, but great work with the whole CR issue, Herkz. Hopefully it’ll get people to open their eyes a little bit instead of being mindless customers.

  8. mamiya marie says:

    This TL project has to go down in the books as some kind of record. The Duke Nukem Forever of anime

  9. big baby boy says:

    Hey herks, with as little sarcasm as possible, what are the odds of a 2017 release, if not early 2018?

  10. cybernet343 says:

    Heya! Any progress?

  11. Mirage says:

    Is there any possibility of at least the complete script translation being released? Not expecting the whole VN to be released, I just want to read the text at this point. I don’t know Japanese but I could edit and proofread from a English standpoint. I’m legitimately desperate to see anything after chapter 7 at this point tbh, no matter how rough.

  12. Irregular says:

    What’s the problem with that? Since there’s little to no chance of releasing it anytime soon, if ever. You even said you don’t have any interest in the game anyways.

    • herkz says:

      the problem is a bad translation is worse than no translation. also, i don’t work on it so me having no interest isn’t a problem.

  13. cha91cr says:

    yo guys i hope you get this done soon, I really admire you guys as teamworkers you are the only hope for us the fanservice people who will never get to known the fully meaning of the kanjis jaja. I will look forward this project and I will wait the rest of my years to see this done salutes from costa rica

  14. Eskrz says:

    Damn, this is a very hefty project, more progress than i expected, but it really sucks that it’s not that well translated.

  15. Jimmmy says:

    Is this a porn game like the rest of the Fate series?

  16. daniel says:

    hey guys please finish this and i’ll send herkz a blowjob on paypal

  17. MHJ says:

    Is this project still active? In some way?

  18. zzz says:

    If you guys aren’t working on this anymore, can you guys post what you have on beast’s lair or something so that someone else picks it up

    • herkz says:

      what you think will happen: someone will polish it up and release a quality translation

      what will actually happen: people will read it and not give a shit that it’s unfinished

      • MHJ says:

        So in short, nothing is going to happen as people don’t want to work on it because people don’t want to wait for a finished version.

        Which is valid because why wait for something that isn’t coming.

      • mm says:

        It’s way better than c) no one ever reads anything because commie said fuck you.

      • zzz says:

        So you’d rather just sit on it doing nothing with it forever, making other people think “Commie will do it so I don’t have to” while not making any progress? Do a private post for one of the admins or something so they can do the recruitment. I’m sure you can think of at least that much. If you have no plans of actually doing anything with this (which I am damn sure you don’t) at least give it to someone else.

        • herkz says:

          >So you’d rather just sit on it doing nothing with it forever, making other people think “Commie will do it so I don’t have to” while not making any progress?

          No one thinks that.

          >Do a private post for one of the admins or something so they can do the recruitment.

          Not sure what you mean by “admins,” but we have actually recruited multiple editors over the years and all of them gave up before too long. I guess people underestimate how much work editing a VN is.

          >If you have no plans of actually doing anything with this (which I am damn sure you don’t) at least give it to someone else.

          Anyone else who will actually do a decent job would want to start from scratch anyway. If someone wants to edit the rest of the game, they’re free to apply and join the group.

          • Naota says:

            I’m tempted myself, but I probably overestimate my spare time.

            More than a bit of a long shot, but do the chances of finding and keeping a decent editor go up with money behind the offer? I may not have the time, but if it’s for Mahoyo I do have the dosch, and the resources to set up a Kickstarter.

  19. NotAPleb says:

    Dude herkz I’m like learning japanese. Not for this one game of course though but it’s kind of amazing to see this project that is halted 永劫に永久に and 無限に will continue to be halted, don’t you think buddy herkz?

  20. Overmind says:

    Oh boy, here I am, visiting the grave almost 5 years later. Kyhz is my favorite lazy fuck, I tell ya, even my cat does more shit than him.

  21. Yoshi says:

    Hey there.
    I know the editor is like gone, but herkz, you could at least just drop the project and leave in the hands of someone else. Like Mirror Moon (Since they translated a good chunk of type-moon stuff), I think people kinda forgot about this game, and you could just drop by the VN subreddit or the Fuwanovel forums, or even Lemmasoft at least to say “Hey, we are officially dropping the translation because our editor in charge of this translation is not doing this anymore. Anyone else want the glory of translating one of the best looking VNs to ever come out of Japan.” I mean, just drop the patch on a Github and let’s crowd translate the thing. Hell, I could even host it on my Github and let people translate it. It’s not like mangagamer is going to pick up the license for this anytime soon. If you don’t drop the project, it will just be the Duke Nukem of VNs more vaporware. Or you could just fire the guy in charge and find someone to translate it (if you haven’t done so already). Those are my two cents.

  22. Warchaos says:

    You know, if you’re dropping the project, I don’t see any reason to not just release the unfinished patch/script and let others work on it if they so desire.

    “B-but people will just read it unfinished!”
    So? It’s not your problem anymore.

    • herkz says:

      a bad translation is worse than no translation

      • Warchaos says:

        That’s for the “consumers” to decide though.

        And leaving all your hard work wasting away at your HDD after translating the whole game seems like an attestment to “I utterly and hopelessly wasted my time with this.” instead of, you know, trying to make the best of a bad situation.

        If you are so ashamed of your own work being unfinished to the point you can’t even consider letting people see it and perhaps work on impoving it if they so desire (again, not your problem) then by all means be my guest. I just don’t get why you’d choose to do so.

  23. nikitazu says:

    Crap, I have learned Japanese and read the shit myself, and this project is still not finished, lol.

  24. Falsey says:

    You guys looking for an editor?

    Was reading through this thread and found that the prospect of editing something like this -especially after you had so many editors already come and go – sounds like it’s be an interesting experience.

    The editing process wouldn’t require any experience of Japanese, right?

    If so, I’d offer my help. Might be a bit daft to offer my “credentials”, but I’m an English Lit student from UEA whose about to graduate with First Class Honours.

    Even if you don’t need the help, can you send me that test? Sounds a lot of fun, and would be interested to see how you’d go about evaluating something like that.

    • herkz says:

      i mean, we do, but i’m not sure anyone else really cares about the game anymore

      • Falsey says:

        “Anyone” – as in the team, audience or both?

        If you guys have really nothing to lose, well, that just makes me more interested. I’m right in thinking the translating process is basically finished, right?

        And how many different editors have you had? How would you rate their consistency of tone, and the overall quality of their work?

        • Falsey says:

          “tone” was a slip, meant to say the constancy of their language and style

        • herkz says:

          even though the translation is done, the translator would still have to help out by going over the editing after you’re done to make sure the meaning is still correct, and i’m not sure he has the time to do that anymore and/or cares to

      • Aoimaru says:

        I care! Hoping to play the game since u guys announced the project and check here now and then. Please don’t give up

      • D says:

        I check every few months to see whether or not this is done. I imported the game on release.

  25. Xcution_Unknown says:

    Keep up the good work guys! You probably don’t need me breathing down your neck, so I’ll just cheer you on till kingdom come!!

    I don’t do translations and editing, but when the translators and editors of Mirror Moon translated Tsukihime, they actually left a hidden message in the game on how hard and how time consuming it was to translate and later edit that seemingly “simple” VN.

    Knowing that you’re doing the prequel to Tsukihime, far more in-depth and complicated than oldies like Fate/stay night,

    I admire your work and wish you the best ^_^

    • Xcution_Unknown says:

      Oh, I see the situation at hand.
      I read through the comments and I feel bad for my earlier comment.

      Are you guy’s planning on doing any other project besides this hell of a VN?

  26. : ^ ( says:


  27. djenkov says:

    – Project started – Nov. 11th

    – 50% translated – Jun. 27th 2013

    And then you proceeded in killing the project while telling everyone that you are actually working on it.

  28. cybernet343 says:

    The joke here is that if the total progress would eventually hit 100% and they would quietly just add a donwload link to it, we would probably not notice, as we always scroll down to the latest comments to see if there is any update or new info.

  29. DrakeGroth says:

    The year 3434 of the Second Age. Here follows the account of Herkz, the High King of Commiesubs, at the finding of the VN of Mahoyo.”It has come to me, the One VN. It shall be an heirloom of my Kingdom. All those who follow in my bloodline shall be bound to its fate, for I shall risk no hurt to the VN. It is precious to me, though I buy it with a great pain. The markings upon the translation begin to fade. The writing, which at first was as clear as red flame, has all but disappeared – a secret now that only fire can tell.”

  30. CALISTO says:

    Instead of learning japanese, I’m diving right into hacking. I’m going to secretly invade your system and stealthly copy that which we desire – the translation.
    Who are the people that have the complete translation script? That would help me find them and hack them
    This will take time though, I hope people will deposit their patience in me. I will deliver

  31. Minecraft from steve says:

    Is this still being translated?

  32. I cry evrytim says:

    I’m baffled someone hasn’t stepped up to the plate. It’s Type Moon. People are translating random manga, anime and doujins left and right. Not saying it’s the same thing but i’m saying that i cry evrytim

    • herkz says:

      probably because all of those are things you can do in a day or two while translating mahoyo would takes months or even a year.

  33. troop357 says:

    Let me check if I got this right:

    – Translation is done.
    – Editing requires that the translator check if meaning is correct.
    – Translator won’t do that job (because they do not care or whatever).
    – It really isn’t a long VN.
    – You won’t release the translation, because it needs to be reviewed. It won’t ever be reviewed because the translator is gone (or would be too much work)

    Seems like a bad deadlock situation.

    How could this project realistically progress?

    • herkz says:

      >Translator won’t do that job (because they do not care or whatever).

      actually the editor is more delaying it. i’m pretty sure the translator would check it if there was any progress.

      >It really isn’t a long VN.

      not long for a VN, but it’s still around a year of consistent work.

      >How could this project realistically progress?

      have an editor that won’t give up after a month like the other 5 have.

  34. falldead says:

    Just say clearly once. Is this project dead? Only yes or no.

  35. floop says:

    Here for my yearly check in. See you guys in 2020 :’)

  36. ShinobuVamp says:

    Lol my yearly check in too
    Still awaiting for this to be released XD
    Love Commiesubs

  37. ManaMerci says:

    Sub guys, is this translation project still ongoing? :)

  38. fuck says:

    what the fuck mate

  39. jeduef says:

    herkz pls save us. They’re doing a JP-FR-EN translation on Beast Lair now.

  40. pringles says:

    i still believe

  41. omniarkk says:

    are you still going to release healing good precure when it starts airing again?

  42. Marie says:

    One day it will be 68%

  43. Carbonara says:

    Herkz, just a thing that crossed my mind. Can’t the editors from the FR-EN translation help you guys with this? Instead they’re working on a translation of a translation. Just thought that if the translation is at 100% they should at least contact you or something. In the end I know you don’t care about Mahoyo and you can’t answer for them som whatever, I’ll just check here once in a while, although I’ve read it in French an English translation would still be better for me.

  44. qwar says:

    the fact that youre still answering comments on a dead project after 8 years is pretty commendable tbh

  45. Goblin says:

    I have interest in being a committed editor for this. I have experience in creative and technical editing. Please contact me in the e-mail I provided.

  46. Mongo says:

    Don’t mind me, just wanted to be part of the comment thread.

  47. Zerato says:

    maybe the anime will bring this project back to life

  48. REDACTED says:


  49. beq says:

    Hope all of you beautiful people are doing well

  50. Methos says:

    Looks like we really got an official release first folks. It’s been a good one

    • herkz says:

      i would say “better hope the translation isn’t shit” but after spending 15 years around weebs i’ve learned they wouldn’t let something like an awful translation stop them from consuming some product they’ve hyped up in their minds for years

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