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This is a translation project for Type-Moon’s newest game, Mahoutsukai no Yoru. Enjoy. (?)


Translation: Nanu
QC: DxuselesS, Kyhz
Hacking/Engineering: kingshriek, TinFoil
Image Editing: Vodka
Useless/Project Management: herkz
Expert Witness: Moogy



  1. Jun. 27th 2013 – 50% translated.
  2. Jun. 10th 2013 – Chapter 7 translated.
  3. May. 12th 2013 – Chapter 6 translated.
  4. Apr. 24th 2013 – Translated through Chapter 5. Not dead, see?
  5. Nov. 11th 2012 – Project announced



Chapter Translated (kb) Total (kb) Progress
Chapter 01 113.56 113.56 100.00%
Chapter 02 51.44 51.44 100.00%
Chapter 03 7.55 7.55 100.00%
Chapter 04 41.63 41.63 100.00%
Chapter 05 167.56 167.56 100.00%
Chapter 06 68.75 68.75 100.00%
Chapter 07 104.01 104.01 100.00%
Chapter 08 52.35 150.90 34.69%
Chapter 09 74.52 74.52 100.00%
Chapter 10 56.48 56.48 100.00%
Chapter 11 27.32 64.17 42.58%
Chapter 12 0.00 105.66 0.00%
Chapter 13 3.48 45.00 7.74%
Omake 61.54 169.77 36.25%
Total 830.20 1221.01 67.99%


What happened to the other people working on Mahoyo’s translation?
The dude that did the demo’s translation was bad/wrong and would need to be completely TLCed/redone. All the people from Amaterasu were busy and didn’t/couldn’t work on it at all.
Are you going to release any partial patches?
Probably not.
Are you recruiting?
Any ETA?


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1,355 Responses to “VNs”

  1. css says:

    Now I do hope if there is a page update, you all go all out with some extravagant banner and like 3-7 gifs.

  2. AD says:

    is there a download link for the patch? or there is no patch yet?
    i hope you make a final patch guys, i realy would like to read this novel
    greetins from mexico!

  3. Terra says:

    Happy new years~!

  4. Anon says:

    Kyhz, where are you?

  5. anon says:

    I hope the Fifth Magic were real and go to the century where Commie releases Mahoyo’s final patch.

  6. risho says:

    i’m not particularly invested in this project’s success or failure just mindless googling and wound up finding myself here. i’ve seen this a lot where projects wind up in limbo and are eventually abandoned (or released after a very long period of time)

    its possible i’m missing something, but it doesn’t make sense that all of these projects are all conducted behind closed doors. wouldn’t it be much more effecient to have all of this conducted on git with pull requests(or something similar) and when things stall or become abandoned other people can fork it and advance it themselves? then even the original project could remerge from things other people have done. seems like a lot of these projects could be finished much faster and much more effecient if the information was more free flowing.

    • limn says:

      I’d like to know as well. Perhaps some of the credit would be lost? If this is ever finished, it’s probably going to be the only translation in existence for a very, very long time. I suppose the recognition might be what they’re aiming for.

      • herkz says:

        The problem is what would happen is people would just insert the unedited TL into the game and play it. No one would want to wait for it to be edited or care to do it.

        • risho says:

          People who didn’t want to wait wouldn’t wait. I’m failing to see how that’s a problem though.

          You could just not actively support the incomplete version. For example don’t compile or distribute any binaries or patch configs. if somebody really wants to go through all the trouble to create a patch for an unedited imcomplete game then more power to them. i understand the argument that it would lessen anticipation and in turn lessen the interest or hype surrounding it, but I would think that it would actually be a lot worse for anticipation and excitement surrounding a project if i was waiting for 3 years for a project that hasn’t been updated in over a year.(i havent followed your history im just speaking in general here) I would probably move on with my life. Maybe I would come back and play it maybe i wouldn’t.

          it seems like on top of using a transparent git-type model being more effecient it would also be better for the long term health of the project. you could have multiple people from multiple groups working in tandem and pulling and merging from eachother. this type of thing can be observed in open source communities and has been shown to be very successful.

          the only reason i can think of to not want to follow an open source/transparent model for a project like this is that for some reason the group that is working on the project feels some strange sense of ownership of the project, which is incredibly ironic considering what these types of projects are based on.

          obligitory disclaimer: I am not making any demands to hurry up or giff me updates or anything of the like. i’m not invested in this project’s success at all so please dont take offense to my comments above. it’s just that i’ve seen so many projects such as this drag on forever and fall into a limbo and function so incredibly ineffeciently when it appears to me that there is a much better way, so i am just looking for some input as to why things always seem to use this model.

          • herkz says:

            Firstly, it’s basically trivial to reinsert the text into the game since it’s a commonly used engine with lots of tools.

            Secondly, having too many people touch the script will actually make the project worse, even though it’s faster. Not to mention they’ll probably all be shit. I mean, I imagine what would happen is a lot of people would try their hand at editing it and do a horrible job.

            • risho says:

              i’m not looking to start a fight so if you want me to stop pushing this discussion i will. that said:

              i’m not saying turn it into a wiki. you would obviously have your project where only vetted members would be able to alter the files(your team) but if someone wants to fork it and do some work of their own they can. you don’t HAVE to merge their additions, but if you find that they are doing good work and want to merge you can. plus that way if you decide to stop(not saying you are doing this or are planning to. once again just speaking in general.) the project isn’t left to die.

              and i don’t see why you really care if someone decides to take your unfinished product and shove into the game. it would be clearly tagged as incomplete and if they wanted to spoil their experiance by playing the incomplete game that’s their problem. I also dont see why you would care if someone takes your script and edits it poorly and rereleases it. people can already do that with all of your subs and they can even do it with this game once you finish it. i just don’t get it.

              • herkz says:

                It’s exactly because they can and will release a patch with it unedited that I’m against this. It’s in no shape to be read at the moment, but people will anyway because they will take anything. You have to understand this is the community which has read literally machine translated patches.

                • Me says:

                  True enough, looking back at that hollowgate clusterfuck last summer~

                • Funchal99 says:

                  True, though again I think it’s their problem if they wish to read a machine translated patches instead of a fully edited one. Don’t know why anyone would particularly do it, probably because this community you speak off don’t really have high hopes of reading some works otherwise (we all depend on fantranslation after all).

                  Then again, the project has been stalled for quite some time. Is it your standards that are so high up you can’t hire other people to stab at it? As far as I know there were some volunteers that you just rejected.

                  I also need to ask, herkz: are you moogy? You sound like moogy.

                  • herkz says:

                    Actually, I think we found another editor.

                    But yes, our standards are “higher” than machine translation. I don’t think you know how bad most of the people who applied are. Lots of them didn’t even fix the typos in the test.

                    • Cray says:

                      Out of curiosity, is there some place one can take a stab at this editing test? If good editors actually are the problem, I’d be happy to contribute whenever time allows it.

                      I have a day job, but there are most definitely days where there’s less to do, so if you don’t mind someone that isn’t able to adhere to a strict schedule, I’d be interested in helping out.

                    • herkz says:

                      click on the application page?

                    • Happy New Year says:

                      > Actually, I think we found another editor.

                      Tears of joy. Good luck!

  7. Adam says:

    Great work on the translation so far! I’m really looking forward to reading this novel someday. :)

  8. some_guy says:

    I might actually have to learn Japanese, if this goes on. Can anyone comment on the difficulty of the language used? Has anyone of you tried reading it without being proficient in Japanese? I mean no offense, of course.

    • herkz says:

      it’s definitely not easy

    • Me says:

      Depends on your ability to adapt and assimilate the symbols into something comprehensible. That and eyesight, if your eyes lack the ability to see some of the subtle differences, it can turn into a trainwreck experience. :P

    • Kirknay says:

      I find Japanese somewhat difficult to learn, but when you take the literal translations from google, it’s nearly impossible. What you really have to do is learn how the language works almost like learning how java or C++ work. After that, it just gets fun to learn it all.

  9. Pluto says:

    So has this project been abandoned?

  10. SionEltnam says:

    I’m just wondering. Could we get an ETA or some kind of update on where you guys are at the moment (even if it’s about editing or something else). If not, that’s also okay. But looking at the news so far, it’s not looking good…

    It’s just… It has been allmost 2 years since the last update, and i’m getting legitly worried here. But I can see you guys are trying very hard on this project. Thanks. And keep up that good work. I can’t describe how happy it makes me to finally be able to play this and understand the story ^_~

  11. EverHoping says:

    Never give up, Commie! You guys will surely deliver this glorious novel to us western fans! Keep bossing.

  12. Name (required) says:

    It makes me sad when I come back here after a few weeks and no one’s commented. Just keepin’ it active.

  13. Atom says:

    I find it kind of funny that the Korean translation has finished just about a year ago and the English one is still slowly dragging its body. Anyway, I do hope it finishes before I’m forced to learn Japanese myself. I’d like to thank you guys for working hard for us poor folk, it’s not something I’d be able to do.

  14. Kelson says:

    Yo, just dropped in. Over the course of the last five days, i have read through Tsukihime, and Kagetsu Tohya. When i heard about this, featuring Shiki’s ‘Sensei’, i couldn’t not get interested and involved in the game.

    Here’s hoping things pick up here and go well, and thanks to all those who have worked on it so far.

  15. Clever_username_ says:

    Keep going commie, we believe in you!

  16. Mike says:

    Go commie, go. Only you can please the unrelenting crowd of type moon fans!

  17. Qaenyin says:

    Did the editor get back to you guys? I do some VN editing myself but am currently working on a project. If I finish and you still need an editor(probably after the summer) I may be available.

  18. shirou4444 says:

    I pray to you akasha let them finish this project

  19. elpsycongroo says:

    since there seems to be a lack of motivation in translating Mahoyo, why not host a fund raiser to reach a reasonable sum to propel the process?

  20. elpsycongroo says:

    then start a fundraiser to hire an editor to get the job done

  21. elpsycongroo says:

    with cash in hand for payment, im sure you can commission someone with a bachelors in japanese or something. just throw adds out there on fuwanovels forums looking for an editor or something

      • Funchal99 says:

        He is right though. If you are unwilling to spend money, perhaps you should lower your standards a little bit. Just sayin’
        Though I don’t know how horrible the original aplicants supposedly were.

  22. Drake says:

    Yay, as long as the actual translation is done then we can trust the project will never be abandoned. We just have to wait for the editor, I can do that. Best of luck completing Mahoyo!

  23. elpsycongroo says:

    herkz why are you opposed to starting a fund raiser for a quicker editing process? money makes the world move ya know.

    • Mike says:

      That’s actually a really good idea. Type-moon fans are fanatics (I include myself in this) and wil pay almost for sure. But maybe they don’t want to make it so it doesn’t create a situation where the people who paid and the people who didn’t became separate groups.
      I think that if they put a clear warning stating that people who paid and people who didn’t will not be treated any different from each other there will not be any trouble, but it’s their choice to do it or not.

      • herkz says:

        More like if you start getting money involved, it’s a good way to catch their attention and land yourself in a lot of legal trouble.

        • Mike says:

          I hadn’t thought of that. If you make any profit out of this it could mean trouble, even though they’ll not release the game oficially in english.
          Keep up the good work!

        • Funchal99 says:

          Don’t you guys ask for donations to keep this site up? Isn’t that already potential trouble? I fail to see the issue.

          • skiddiks says:

            The donations go toward paying for the servers. There’s also a difference between “donate if you appreciate our work” and “give us money to commission releases,” with the latter being much less legal.

          • herkz says:

            yes, but it’s not that much money and no one is getting paid to do anything

  24. anon says:

    i trust herkz will edit this after he is finished with subahibi

  25. VincentTeufel says:

    Any editors still working on this, or applying to do it?

  26. lonelytree says:

    With this command seal I order you to edit the project. It didn’t work, huh…

  27. Avonmex says:

    What does one need to be an editor? I imagine if it’s been translated, then it’s just a matter of getting the English to sound smoother? Or is it much more than that?

    • The dream is dead says:

      You could say the same thing about a machine translation.

      Apparently the translation is bad. Not machine bad, but bad.

    • Myurton says:

      Yeah, but you also need to able to make it grammatically correct. So if you didn’t get super high marks in English and grammar, editing probably isn’t for you.

      • skiddiks says:

        >had to drop out of English 1302
        >get hired as [not mahoyo] editor


        • Avonmex says:

          Hmmm, well English is my native language. And I’ve always done well in the subject. I would imagine if I can understand the translation, then I’d be able to fix it up. I do really want to see this project finished

  28. Luke says:

    Wait an editor needs to smooth out the text to add English structure and connotation, right?
    That’s something i might be interested in doing, since I’ve been studying English for quite a long time now.

  29. Scorp says:

    So, do you need only editor to get it done? I could help with program part, if needed.

  30. suomynonA says:

    Do not falter gentlemons!

    We shall wait as long as it takes!

  31. T says:

    yuo will surely get the mahyjo

  32. ryonyanko says:

    So… nothing right? Nothing. It’s okay, no one expects anything anyway at this point.

  33. Dave says:

    I don’t know if this is still going on or what, but if you guys can see this, I’m super appreciative that someone would take time out of their lives to translate this. All the people hating in the comments are being mean for no reason, you guys go at your own pace. Hope you decide to finish it up!

  34. Funchal99 says:

    Does anyone know Nasu’s stance about official localization of his works? I heard a rumor he was against it and I’m trying to confirm it.

    I mean, lately with Manga Gamer and Sekai Project efforts some good visual novels have been announced. But I’m impressed Type-Moon has not jumped in given its popularity.

  35. seishiro says:

    so any update on the editing? or are they still stuck on that part of finding a new editor

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  37. Believe says:


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  40. TheOneWhoBelieves says:


  41. Jerry Brown says:


  42. Mike says:


  43. Aine says:


  44. Una says:


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  46. onionknight says:

    #Believe T-T

  47. snpidek says:


  48. bird_fan005 says:


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