Majestic Prince 02


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    (I’m beginning to see a pattern… Thanks so much for the episode! The race is on… WHICH SHOW IS MORE SENTAI?! WILL IT BE “VALVRAVE” OR “MAJESTIC PRINCE” ?! WHO WILL STAND SUPREME?!

    Thanks so much for the episode! Love the director’s character design! Have a great night and weekend!)

  4. T1 says:

    For people who may be wondering what the last scene in the episode was. It was comments related to what happened in the space with the superfast enemies.

    Comments were written such as: “Huh? What is he doing?” “Got scared?” “Now he’s done it” “coward” “owaaa” “avoided it!” “Huh? What happened?”
    and then some more…

    Sorry kanji isn’t my strong point so I dunno. So it’s mainly disappointment of their actions where they could do nothing but cower.

    I think the typesetter had those but they got stuck in the encoding? O.o

    Anyway, another point…their commander (manager :P) tell them to not to worry about anything. While the subs say “Just take it easy.”, I think the literal translation “Don’t worry about it/anything” or “Don’t let it get to you” would be more appropriate here.

    Anyway Thanks for doing this show, commie :D I don’t know why others are doing it but you people doing it shows you got taste. ;) Keep up the great work.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      >I think the typesetter had those but they got stuck in the encoding? O.o

      u wot m8

      he didn’t do them because there wasn’t any space to put them/it’s a waste of time/etc