Maoyuu 12 END


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4 Responses to “Maoyuu 12 END”

  1. Z010 says:

    Thanks for subbing this show! hope they do more seasons :D

  2. nimja1 says:

    Wtf kinda ending was that? I better see some more in future seasons or OVA’s or angry letters shall be sent

    • AMg says:

      Next winter perhaps? Well, they already put the set pieces for next installment: the revelation of conspiracy between the Azure Demon and Church of Holy Light, The Mage’s hidden agenda, Trade Alliance paving trade route with the Demon Realm, name a few.

      In the nutshell, the series have the concept right but the execution is all over the place. Added with single season run constrain, it made a bit worse. IF, if they made 24-episodes run, I think it would be better even it ended with those revelations.

      Just… why those two didn’t kiss yet?

  3. Reso says:

    This… ended way too early. I’m expecting another season.