Maoyuu 1v2 + 2

Episode 1v2

Episode 2


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7 Responses to “Maoyuu 1v2 + 2”

  1. Esam says:

    Why no patch tho?

  2. ChibiWing says:

    Wat not a patch but a new encode for Maoyuu Ep 1 ?

  3. ise says:

    No 1v2 patch?

  4. Qcio says:

    oi, arial main font in episode 2? or is this on my end only

  5. yukini says:

    Font seems to have changed from episode 1 using profile style ( which I thought was good), to episode 2 using LTFinnegan style. There are some mistakes similar to the Crunchyroll version.

    Anyways this show is quiet faithful to the source and very good watch. Keep it up you guys!

  6. Collectr says:

    Thanks for ep2, but…

    Step 1 – change main dialog font from Profile to LTFinnegan Medium

    Step 3 – profit!

    Oh, yeah, there’s step 2… mux the new font…