Maria Holic Alive 02

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13 Responses to “Maria Holic Alive 02”

  1. Seppo-kun says:

    1. Complain about a “simulcast” and sub a show
    2. Release the episode way after the already-late “simulcast”
    3. ???
    4. PROFIT

    I-it’s not like was ever going to donate in the first place or a-anything but… COMMIE YOU BAKA.

  2. the trooper says:

    my day just got better

    thanks Commie

  3. Thx, but slow says:

    Seriously… This is the only anime that you do and the subs for it come slow. And you even release it even after it… All other have other, fast subbers…

  4. Seppo-kun says:

    …though I guess it was still better than having a shitty encode with yellow hard subs.
    Thank you.

  5. Niku says:

    SHAFT shows require a greater amount of work because of ‘words’ and ‘shinbo’

  6. Luffink says:

    I´d like to say that I love the artistic effects in the OP karaoke, but “artistic” karaokes tend to slow down my computer, like, a lot, so… thanks for subbing it anyway

  7. DFGmaster says:

    any1 noticed that the shadow maids are actually from Infinite Stratos?

  8. yisaker says:

    if u guys really hate the op, then dont translate it. imperfection makes you guys perfect/human

  9. B3hind4ll says:

    Shizzz HATERS EVERYWERE!! iz Like thay got an issue with something!!
    Thanks for the release!! ur the only subbers i follow who are doing this awesome FANTASTIC show. U Guys. A+ of Awesome. Yea!

  10. DrPie says:

    Awesome!. dunno whats with all the complaints at least it’s out way better late than never or crappy

  11. the trooper says:

    >releasing a show that’s hard to sub three days after aired in Japan is late.

    O U

  12. Sword of Retribution says:


  13. Biblios says:

    There seems to be no other page to comment the next chapters, so I’ll say it here (normally I don’t commment).

    It’s so annoying to see so many complains about such a great work. You make me really furious. If you don’t like it (quote: “you can quit quit”), at least be so kind not to comment it. If you really have something to complain about, there actually are many other fansubs!!!

    Download or not, but just don’t go to a fansub to fuck the (btw elite) subbers. ¬¬ YOU are the reason why it goes slow, you discouraging bastards.

    Oh, forgot it. Thanks for this. :3 *runs