Massive Ass Shangri-La Batch

Get it here:

EDIT: Yes I realised I submitted it to the wrong TT category. I’m just used to instinctively clicking the Anime category.

EDIT 2: DDL for episode 07. I will fix the torrent soon.

EDIT 3: Torrent fixed and re-submited to TT in the correct category. It is at the same URL as the old torrent (which means no matter which torrent you try to grab from Tosho, it’ll be the right one), thanks to some PURL magic.

EDIT 4: Patch for episode 24 that fixes the fonts (which I forgot to mux) at

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21 Responses to “Massive Ass Shangri-La Batch”

  1. Infinity says:

    What happened to ZAn Sayonara zetsubou sensei?

  2. enukid says:

    hey.. it says ‘invalid torrent file’.. am I doing something wrong?

    • cryptw says:

      Yes you are.
      We can probably help you if you provide more details like what torrent client you are using and how you are trying to load the file.

  3. Arcas says:

    episode 7 is missing from the batch

    please up it in ddl or fix the batch

  4. sywex says:

    who is this ‘we’ in commie subs?

  5. Tatsukun says:

    Alternative DDL link for missing 07 (although shouldn’t be needed anymore)

  6. Noa says:

    Saving the torrent, then opening it still lists it as invalid torrent file. I think the attempt at fixing it, broke it. Useing uTorrent 1.8.2

  7. […] He also pointed out that there was a problem with episode 24, where I forgot to mux the fonts, so he made a patch for it and you can find a link to in in the relevant post […]

  8. ruevaz says:

    The patch link is broken, can you post a new one? Thanks!