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faggosaurus: English is a SHITTY fucking language

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  1. anon says:


  2. kiriku says:

    sooo.. what’s the difference with the first one?

  3. w w w w w says:


  4. wongsinthink says:

    What’s the difference?

  5. ghli says:

    wait, what? what is this? same release? what’s going on?

  6. Johnny English says:

    b-baka! its not like i like being shitty or anything

  7. naru says:

    Sorry,which post should i download from?

  8. GL says:

    What’s the difference between this version and the one released earlier with a CRC of 8EDAA13D?

  9. jabashque says:

    faggosaurus fucking pls

  10. Corno4 says:

    1. TYBC

    2. Either version better than Mekameka

    3. faggosaurus fucking pls

  11. Zagafon says:

    faggosaurus has a valid point. English is a very difficult language to learn even when it is your primary language. The rules are complex and outdated. The only advantage to it is that it has only twenty-six letters, as opposed to Chinese or Japanese which contain around a thousand characters.

    • Learning how to talk is easy, learning how to talk & write properly is hard. To me English language rules look like a random blend of German & French.

      • taz says:

        you are a madman

      • Giao Su says:

        “Proper” (or as my daughter who is a grad student in second language studies says “formal”) English is difficult for a number of reasons.
        One is that some of the so-called rules have little to do with actual English syntax and grammar. For example, the rule against splitting infinitives is not a rule for forming phrases and constructing sentences in English. This rule was imported from Latin by some 19th Century academics. They believed that making English follow the same rules as the Latin spoken by the patrician Flavius Terentius Inflantibus, would make English a much more “respectable” language. Since the infinitive in Latin is one word and, thus, cannot be split, these linguistic prigs made up the rule that it is improper to split an infinitive in English.
        In addition to being irrelevant to English usage, if one follows the split infinitive ban, one may break the actual English grammar rule that a modifier should be as close as possible to the word it modifies. For example, placing the modifier (the adverb “boldly”) before “to split”, results in “boldly to split infinitives.” This construction places “boldly” farther from the word it modifies than does “to boldly split infinitives.” “To split infinitives boldly” also has “boldly” more distant from the verb than does “to boldly split infinitives.” “To split boldly infinitives” is an awkward and contrived arrangement that could lead one to ponder how one would split a “boldly infinitive”.
        Also, if one uses actual English grammar and syntax rules to decode some English sentence, one may run into difficulties understanding these (informal and formal) communications. For example, “Hopefully, he read the text for today’s class.” The adverb “hopefully” should modify the verb (“read”) in this sentence. So, the sentence means, “He hopefully read the text for today’s class” or “He read the text for today’s class in a hopeful fashion.”
        Alas, the speaker (or writer) wanted to convey, “One hopes that he read the text for today’s class.”
        If I were to say, “I feel badly about making this overlong post,” I might intend to convey that I regret droning on and on. In this case, however, my sentence’s rule-derived interpretation might be more revealing of my true meaning: “I am bad at developing feelings about making this overlong post,” or “I don’t give a rat’s ass that my post is too long.”

    • herkz says:

      nah, faggosaurus is just dumb

    • Juan says:

      It isn’t really a language so much as a bunch of words and sounds we sort of make up as we go. That and Star Trek references.

    • THEGOAT says:

      “I” before “E” except after C, and when sounding like “A” as in neighbor or weigh. English is an exact science, weird right?

    • Wowzors says:

      Portuguese is harder.

  12. milk says:

    faggosaurus fucking pls!

  13. GoZer says:

    Is it me or is something wrong with the file? I’ve tried playing it with everything I have and it stops part way through… VLC included.

  14. Kenshin says:

    I don’t know why, but this file make crash every player I use to play it…