Mekakucity Actors 02


skiddiks: We have done another round of staff assessments. It has come to our attention that many of you are displeased at faggosaurus for delaying Space Dandy, despite the fact he does not work on the show. But we here at Commie Enterprises, Inc. care about your opinion. As such, he has been fired. It was not easy dismissing so many valuable staff members and faggosaurus, but it is all part of our goal of continuous quality improvement. We believe the changes were for the best, and we thank you, our loyal viewers, for the suggestions.

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17 Responses to “Mekakucity Actors 02”

  1. rhino says:

    can you stop being faggots and release it already?

  2. mrbaguette says:

    faggosaurus fucking pls

  3. anon says:

    faggosaurus fucking pls

  4. iamokwiththis says:

    Her eyes look a bit… mirrored

  5. Ji says:

    Shes fucking cock-eyed.

  6. Commander Bubble says:

    those clothes look like they’re about 2 water drops away from being fully transparent

  7. flupperman says:

    i feel kinda bad for being responsible that someone lost a job they didn’t get paid for…

  8. Zatheyll says:

    Yeee, Swordsouls.

    Best artist.

  9. Sammy the Squirrel says:

    I heard this show is pretty crappy, true?

    • Catastrophe says:

      whoever told you that is a retard

    • StmMchn says:

      Definitely try out the show for yourself before dismissing. Personally, I’m really enjoying it so far. Plus it’s probably the Shaftiest show out there that doesn’t end in “-monogatari”. The art is beautiful, the animation detailed, the music fitting, and the story cryptic without being difficult to follow.

  10. Nova says:

    Artist of the fanart?

  11. Dogg says:

    Is this sarcasm?