Mekakucity Actors 03


skiddiks: here’s that other shaft show

P.S. faggosaurus fucking pls

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16 Responses to “Mekakucity Actors 03”

  1. Pikminiman says:

    191 MB for a 720p Shaft show? That’s some efficiency right there. Thanks for the release. I’d make my usual comment about how awesome the typesetting is, but my internet’s running at 20 KB/s right now, so I’ll have to download later.

  2. Tombstone says:

    Thanks for the quick and quality release. Top-notch as always yo.

  3. TheErodRed says:

    thank you
    I didn’t know anything about this show
    I only picked it up because SHAFT

  4. coldhell says:

    v2 please…

    P.S. Don’t mind me. I couldn’t resist to post it.
    Thanks for the release :)

  5. asjkdglkasdkjgl says:


  6. Hollow says:

    I’m getting crashes, as well as a complete lack of subs at 15:20-15:30, which then proceeds to crash MPC-HC.

    • Hollow says:

      (wow lrn to grammar)

      It turns out that the problem is from 15:20-16:00. If I watch anything in this time causes the video to crash.

      I would love it if there was some kind of fix. (There was something about Seto’s power and I want to know what it is :c)