Mirai 24 Pirates 13

Mirai 24 < If you would actually like subs there is a patch here.

Pirates 13

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25 Responses to “Mirai 24 Pirates 13”

  1. Fsfrk says:

    Thank you for Mirai Nikki!

  2. ygyufyu says:

    Am I the only one not seeing any subtitles in Mirai Nikki?

  3. Proud fapper says:

    I wonder how Yuno will be in bed..

  4. Conan_Edogawa says:

    awesome. thank for the subs.

    I hate asking less than a week after the episode came out in Japan, but you guys are usually fairly efficient at getting subs out, so I can’t help wondering: does the lack of a Medaka Box sub from you guys mean that you decided against doing it since you stated you would in your plans for this season, or is it just stalled somewhere? because I’d love to see it done by you guys, but I’ll settle for a lesser group’s subs if I must.

  5. ­ says:

    you fags best be doing upotte

  6. ­ says:

    you fags best be doing upotte

  7. Raylot says:

    did you guys drop Mirai Nikki or will it be out later?

  8. RelentLess says:

    May we get a new link for the subs patch? The minus thing seems to go into an endless forwarding loop and refuses to spit out the file.