Mix 01


I know the Tou/Dad part is kinda dumb, but I can’t rewrite it or some lines that should be in the next episode will be even harder to deal with.

Also, it may seem like the stepdad thing at the end is a spoiler, but the closed captions actually use the kanji for stepdad instead of dad, so people watching the show in Japan would know too.

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10 Responses to “Mix 01”

  1. Tiger says:

    Thanks for the subs! HS’s rip of the Funi subs was kinda terrible. They included the hearing impaired version and some parts just sounded…off.

    • herkz says:

      they’re literally the dub’s closed captions. HS fucked up and ripped the wrong subs.

      • Tiger says:

        Ah…I see. Are the actual subtitles better then?

        Nice typesetting BTW with the names when the chars were introduced. However, for the actual translation, the dialogue seemed a bit too formal maybe? I mean, they’re still middle schoolers after all. Also, any reason for translating Koshien as simply “nationals”? Koshien is a pretty distinct entity.

        Sorry for the nitpicks, but thanks again for working on the show!

        • herkz says:

          >Are the actual subtitles better then?

          not really. the dub’s lines are generally better, but a lot of the time they have been rewritten so they don’t really match the flow of the japanese audio, which can make it quite a weird viewing experience.

          >Also, any reason for translating Koshien as simply “nationals”?

          because “koshien” is shorthand for “nationals” in japanese. when they say it, they don’t usually mean the actual stadium. it’s pretty much just the way to refer to the tournament, just like how “senbatsu” is the spring tournament.

          • Tiger says:

            Thanks a lot for clarifying! Out of curiosity, are you the one on the staff that’s into baseball herkz? I’m not really into watching live sports myself, but there’s something about sports anime that can be really invigorating, especially the well done ones. Major and Cross Game are two of my all time favorites. I do enjoy when they’re able to seamlessly blend the slice of life aspects with the sports matches.

  2. zen says:

    Thanks for the sub. Cross Game anime was incredible, will check this series out since it’s by the same author.

  3. anon says:

    great, now for the monogatari series to get shafted again while herkz works on mediocre sports anime. love ya

  4. kelp says:

    Thanks, herkz. You’re a hero.