Mix 14


the new songs are pretty good imo. definitely an upgrade over the previous songs.

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5 Responses to “Mix 14”

  1. Tiger says:

    Hmm…I wouldn’t necessarily say an upgrade, but they are a bit more upbeat. They are good though. Man…it also makes me wish Ace of Diamond, that you’re also working on, wasn’t such a slideshow fest. I guess with how many episodes it has, they’re pressed for budget.

    • herkz says:

      i’m pretty used to sports anime looking like shit at this point. the only one i’ve watched that looks decent and isn’t only one cour is haikyuu.

      • Tiger says:

        There’s some out there still, like Yowamushi Pedal, Prince of Tennis. Kuroko no Basket, Hajime no Ippo, Major, Cross Game, Slam Dunk, Free, etc. I’m really hard pressed to find a sports anime that looks as bad as Ace of Diamond has the past few cours. At least the manga is still ongoing.

        • herkz says:

          yowamushi pedal looks almost as bad and has tons of CGI, which i actually think is worse. cross game i haven’t watched in like 10 years but i don’t remember it looking particularly good. free looks good but they spend a lot of time on it and only do one cour at a time with years in between, so not much surprise. i haven’t watched any of the others you mentioned.

          • Tiger says:

            I see. I believe the issue isn’t inherent with sports anime itself, but with longer running shows beyond 1-2 cours. As you mentioned with Free, any longer running show without breaks in between cours tends to suffer, unless the studios plan accordingly, and even then production often goes down to the wire.

            It might seem more apparent with sports anime because the genre is typically structured that way. The protagonist(s) usually have multiple rival schools/opponents to face, multiple tournaments, and then add character development or slice of life elements into it and you have yourself a lot of ground to cover.

            It’s unfortunate that we’re stuck in a feast or famine situation, where they either adapt a single tournament arc or try to adapt more and suffer in quality. Ace of Diamond is kinda special in that it got a break in between cours and still ended up looking awful. It is multiple cours of content in between breaks, but it still stings. =/