Moe v3 Crisis of Moe v2 Dragons

…being moe.

Go find the torrent yourself on NT/TT
Or here is fine too

DDL somewhere on Underwater’s page at the right over there

Will update later after I get to an actual computer. <- You do that.
WP on a phone is extremely fucking effort. <- I’ll bet



Shit happened…

720p v2

480p v2

and Patchy McPatch Patch the v3rd…

>mfw I told Daiz to wait for the end of the season to make patches

v here we come!

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8 Responses to “Moe v3 Crisis of Moe v2 Dragons”

  1. muizz93 says:

    ryuji! ryuji! ryuji!

    sound similar… like shana

  2. DaRkBLuE says:

    Please release some patch for the v2..

    • Daiz says:

      A v2 patch would be completely pointless since the encode was completely redone, so the “patch” would be almost 300MB in size.

  3. Confucius says:

    so is the patch for the v1 or the v2? i still dont have the v2, and when i click the v3 batch file nothing happens, so i’m guessing its the v2. but to be sure i’ll ask, thanks

  4. Confucius says:

    oh, nvm. after reading the title again, i found out its for the v2

  5. Hikaru says:

    you’re using CR subs?
    you is getting lazy
    God is angry