Moethulhu 1 and Teh Legend

It’s fucking 4 minutes long.
With two minutes of actual content.

Fucking Japan.

Nyarlko 1

PS We <3 Daiz


LoLH 23 | DDL

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21 Responses to “Moethulhu 1 and Teh Legend”

  1. Tiggerz says:

    But it has… sausages

  2. Anonymous says:


    Son, I am disappoint.

  3. Desert_Fox says:

    F*CK you guys!

    thanks…. real awesome :D

  4. Wait…was that the Borg?

  5. abormbum says:

    Great, now you’ve picked worst anime ever. Congrats!

  6. Linkerman says:

    People who liked this should watch the flash animations of Roman Dirge’s “Lenore: The Cute Little Dead Girl”.

    It’s awesome creepysauce.

  7. Niku says:

    Thank for both

  8. Mastershadow says:

    Please tell me that was just some preview thing… Please?

    I was kinda lookin forward to that show too…

  9. щ(´D`щ)゚∀゚☜) says:

    Teh Legend > Moethulhu. Epic suspense.

  10. щ(´D`щ)゚∀゚☜) says:

    Teh Legend > Moethulhu. Epic suspense.

  11. Cool Guy says:

    >This is a flash anime

    >Proceed to show a really long OP with actual animation in it


    Imma give this a chance anyway, seems interesting.

  12. Cool Guy says:

    For the record, guys.

    That thing isn’t a dragon, pretty sure that’s the Jersey Devil.

  13. Calver says:

    I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one. I thought the ONA was pretty hilarious, but this episode came off as rather trite.

    Well, I’ll continue watching it anyway, so thanks for picking it up!