Mondaiji 9


One more episode left.

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11 Responses to “Mondaiji 9”

  1. Catastrophe says:

    oh yeah, time for some fucking DIPLOMACY

  2. VanFinale says:

    Is this having more episodes through OVA or something?

  3. Powerswag-kun says:

    How can there be only one more episode left of the AOTY?

  4. anime viewer says:

    They made sudden jumps that left things confusing. (The small blond girl that hangs out with the no-name leader for example, where did she come from and whats her story. All the sudden the vampire girl can change her age and look, and everyone acted like they’d see it 100 times). They should have included episodes to explain the sudden changes that happened between quite a few of the episodes.

  5. [>Gio says:

    Thanks you so much commie.

    Damm I didn’t knew this project was a 10 episone anime only. :(