Monogatari S2 BDs delayed indefinitely





yes, this is a joke

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16 Responses to “Monogatari S2 BDs delayed indefinitely”

  1. Xythar says:

    Kristen sure does hate Commie.

    Apparently not enough to actually do any work of his own, though.

  2. duplex says:

    btw im a coal grill

  3. YukaKun says:

    So… Where’s the line for the official bitching?

    I’d also like to bitch about Paul Walkers death to you guys.

  4. Tyffaknee says:



  5. anon says:

    >all those CGi followers


  6. keemeef says:

    is this seriously a joke? lol… no seriously idk

  7. Malific says:

    Sadly I don’t seem to know enough about fansub groups and their inner workings in order to to get this.

    Anyone care to explain?

    • Xythar says:

      It’s pretty self-explanatory, really. How is he going to go ahead when Commie stalls if he’s using Commie’s script for the previews?

  8. skiddiks says:

    he’s obviously gonna improvise the previews

  9. damienthedevil says:

    After their horrid work on Ro-Kyu-Bu (horrid fonts, failed translations, etc) I really can’t say I enjoy Coalgirls…. You guys are one of the better fansubs. So, yeah. I’m sticking around.

    • well says:

      CG didn’t translate the series themselves. They just slapped some groups subs (that apparently were not that great) on a bluray encode they did. I evaluate their releases on a case by case basis. I avoid basically anything Tenshi does, though.

      • anonanon says:

        This. Though Tenshi has gotten slightly better over time. Still avoid his/her releases like a plague though. Dat Dantalian no Shoka 1080p encode…

  10. somebuddy says:

    Yeah, Coalgirls is just a pissy and abrasive fansub group that makes poor choices for the most part. I’m extremely impressed with Commie’s work on Monogatari and Kill La Kill considering how fast they put out the episodes. That’s some talent and dedication right there that Coalgirls will never have the follow-through to emulate. Keep up the good work Commie, I’ll always come to you guys first.