Monogatari Series Second Season 15


herkz: enjoy you’re bloat

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  1. johnny says:

    Thanks for the release! unuasually big file though.

  2. Fugiman says:

    herkz: enjoy you’re bloat

    herkz: enjoy you’re blote

  3. 2ColouredEyes says:

    >684 MB

    Been waiting. As if I will mind that BiG file size. So we now into story telling session.

  4. GeassGx says:

    Will you guys be picking up SnK BD?

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is good. Totally deserves this file size. Hope some nut from /a/ screenshots and stitches it all.

    • 2ColouredEyes says:


      yeah, I found one there and a word for it; superb. I wonder now what the BD equivalent will be.

  6. ghn says:

    Filesize aside, I can’t fast forward, rewind or seek in this episode. gg on the encoding faggots.

    • Orcus says:

      We apologise on behalf of Shaft.

    • some guy says:

      Update your video player. It’s not that hard.

      • Orcus says:

        Sometimes, it’s the loneliness that keeps people from updating.

      • some other guy says:

        I still have the same issue, despite updating both my player and my codecs. Before updating, it would just freeze whenever I tried to seek. After updating, it doesn’t freeze when seeking, but there are huge chunks of time I can’t skip to.

    • Kyoshinhei says:

      I second that.
      Navigation is impossible inside the scrolling background sequences (but fine everywhere else). Trying to navigate inside these sections just puts the cursor at the beginning or the end of the sequence. Should it be doing that ?
      Inb4 someone tells me to update my player and codecs, I just did (before updating, trying to navigate just crashed the player)

      • herkz says:

        it should. you can only seek to keyframes, and there are purposefully no keyframes during the long pans since it makes the filesize smaller.

      • erejnion says:

        EVR CP chokes itself on the pans, but given several seconds (up to 10 in my case), it catches up.

        haven’t tried madVR, because my video card would hate me, but it should work like a charm, seeking there is done smarter.

  7. SomeGuyRight says:

    “In the end, she could get along with human as neither a vampire nor a god.”

    Isn’t that suppose to be couldn’t instead of could?

      • Anonymous says:

        WTF do you mean “no”?

        The Japanese dialogue:
        (人間と上手くやることはできなかったのだからNingen to umakuyarukoto ha
        DEKINATTA no dakara)

        If it’s as you say “could get along with human as neither a vampire nor a god”, then it ought to be
        Ningen to umakuyarukoto ha
        DEKIRU no dakara)

        • Xythar says:

          For one thing, it’s “dekinakatta”.

          Secondly, no – the use of “neither” and “nor” already mean the sentence is in the negative. The following sentences are equivalent (as in, they mean the same thing):

          “In the end, she could get along with humans as neither a vampire nor a god.”
          “In the end, she couldn’t get along with humans as either a vampire or a god.”

          Adding “couldn’t” to the first sentence just turns it into a double negative which makes no sense.

          This is basic English grammar here. Maybe you need to study more?

        • herkz says:

          are you retarded

        • fnord says:

          Come back when you speak English.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, duh, I misspelt “Dekinakatta”. My bad at that.

          Second, forgive me if English ain’t my native language, though I was of the impression that the negative in “couldn’t” would not have impacted on the use of the two negatives in “neither a vampire nor a god”, as in the original Japanese dialogue,

          (神としても、吸血鬼としても Neither as god nor vampire) it was followed by the negative “Dekinakatta”. So I must have assumed the same for English.

          Guess I stand corrected.

          (PS No thanks to your insults herkz, at least Xythar explained it well. So fuck you. )

          • herkz says:

            why would i explain it after he already did? i just added on the insult he apparently forgot

            but seriously, don’t criticize people’s english if you aren’t good at it yourself

          • Csiko says:

            I can see why this would be confusing to a non-native speaker. There are a few ways this sentence could be written:

            1.) In the end, she could get along with humans as neither a vampire nor a god.

            2.) In the end, she could not get along with humans, either as a vampire or a god.

            Both are correct but put emphasis in different places.

            What you suggested though:

            In the end, she could not get along with humans as neither a vampire nor a god.

            Almost makes it a double negative. This would work if, while she can’t get along with them as a vampire or god, could get along with them in some other capacity.

            • Csiko says:

              oh lol didn’t see Xythar’s post first, but I also added why yours in particular is theoretically wrong

          • Xythar says:

            Your original comment was pretty rude, for the record, so don’t complain when people respond in kind. I originally had something closer to herkz’s comment but I figured I might as well explain it.

          • fnord says:

            Even your last comment is full of excuses and veiled insults. You don’t deserve serious replies. Light a candle or something since you got them anyway.

          • erejnion says:

            When studying English, this should be one of the first thing your teacher will try to drill in that stupid head of yours.

            That is to say, if your native language doesn’t use double negatives either, you shouldn’t be acting surprised now.

            And if your language does make use of double negatives (like my native Bulgarian), any self-respecting teacher will be sure to stress the difference, as it’s a pretty basic one, and you cannot really go around it.

  8. CarVac says:

    I think that the way that keyframes are referenced failed on this episode.

    If the encoder could reference changes relative to only a keyframe which contains the entire pan, rather than purely to the previous image, this episode would have encoded much smaller and enabled seeking. Either that, or two-stage keyframes: one big overview keyframe and smaller intermediate keyframes which reset now and then for seeking.

    But I imagine that video like this is an extreme edge-case for the wise folks who design video encoders.

    • herkz says:

      I’m pretty sure the keyframes are in the best spot. I also did an encode with a normal keyframe interval and it wasn’t that much bigger. I just think something like this is, like you said, an edge case.

  9. anoyimous says:

    I have to thank you… i really hate that

    thank you m(_ _)m

  10. gwyllgi says:

    sorry for bothering again, will there b a v2 or something…..or at least I would like to know if there’s any way to go back & forth….

  11. CRAZEH247 says:

    >Episode 15

  12. reikken says:

    I don’t even pronounce “your” and “you’re” the same way

    anyway, thanks for the bloat. or blote, as it were