Monogatari Series Second Season – Nekomonogatari (White) PV


This is the second PV for season 2, but it’s specifically for Nekomonogatari (White) which is why it’s labeled that way. There will probably be more.

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13 Responses to “Monogatari Series Second Season – Nekomonogatari (White) PV”

  1. 2ColouredEyes says:


    before white ends.

    Now I know what you meant before.

  2. kingsword says:

    No Kanbaru, what a waste of 2 mins.

  3. L. Grey says:

    No link for Majestic Prince yet?

  4. stushi says:

    Why must you prolong my suffering?
    I want to watch Chihayafuru, yet at the same time, I don’t want it to end. So just release it alreaaaadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…:'( ;'(

  5. Hm says:

    Idek why people say nekomonogatari is the second season. As though nisemonogatari never existed o.o

    • Yuffiek133 says:

      Because Nekomonogatari Kuro was the prequel to the first season, not Nekomonogatari Shiro is a different perspective and prequel to the second season.

    • The Greatest Anon says:

      Nisio (the author) himself claimed that this is the second season (Neko-shiro until Koi). People normally assumed that Nisemonogatari was part of Bakemonogatari aka the first season.

      And commie, please stop using retarded wordings while subbing this season.