Motto Above-average Strength Beams of Light

I’d her disappoint


EDIT: about :stuff:

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19 Responses to “Motto Above-average Strength Beams of Light”

  1. Bluesfear says:

    are you guys not waiting for AT-X for uncensored version?

  2. Luffink says:

    Thanks for the work, but there´s a problem with the video. It jumps around the second eyecatch (13:26) and as a result the subs are desynchronized byr a few seconds the rest of the episode

  3. You mean you’d disappoint her. :D

  4. firev1 says:

    still doing an AT-X v2?

  5. uncensored says:

    A v2 with the uncensored At-x version would be muchly appreciated.

  6. ranmachua says:

    I hope you guys will continue to sub this on a regular basis. I love your work on this series. Keep up the good work!

  7. Psycho says:

    Are you didn’t release script for all anime you subbed?

  8. egozi44 says:

    any option that you guys ganaa reupload ep 1 of to love ru UNC with normal timing??

  9. Yoshio says:

    I’m just curious, but was this translated from chinese subs?

    there are a lot of blatant errors in the translations of these past two episodes (and in spots that should have been rather easy to understand), although you guys word the english in a way that makes it seem like it fits, so I doubt many people notice

    one particular example being from episode 2… in the last scene of story 5 (the teacher home visit story), almost every line the teacher says has an obvious error

    japanese lines: だからね、結城さん、あなたも家庭で大変でしょうけど。 がんばるのよ! 先生もファン辞めないから!

    commie script: That why, it must have been hard on you during the home visit as well. But, do your best! I’ll do my best as well!

    I have 2 main issues with this translation:
    1) “家庭で大変” does not refer to the home visit, the meaning of that line is more like “things must be tough for you at home” since 家庭 is a word used to refer to the home/family life.
    2) I have no idea how you messed up by having the teacher say “I’ll do my best as well!”… the teacher is telling Mikan that she won’t stop being a fan [implied: of Mikan’s father}… the meaning in your script got completely changed somehow… in a simple sentence with nothing more than a subject, object, and a verb…

    either way, I do appreciate that you guys put the effort into subbing this show (since no matter how much japanese I know, I don’t have the motivation todo things that contribute to the community like you do), but I do hope that some more effort gets put into proofreading future translations, since I’ve been seeing very basic mistakes that change the meaning of what is being said

    • RHExcelion says:

      Our translator is very rushed in doing this as it airs on school day and she has tons of homework. It takes her about an hour or two to translate compared to a 24 hour Doki translation (which actually is done from chinese subs).

      ◔ ◡ ◔