Negima movie, Chihayafuru 20

Mahou Sensei Negima – Anime Final

Chihayafuru 20

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12 Responses to “Negima movie, Chihayafuru 20”

  1. Bootypants says:

    Thanks for The releases broos keep up the amazing work. btw is anyone having probs with the tracker at all seems like its been down all day(tho is doesnt really affect me i just want to know if other have a prob with it atm)

  2. Transfer-kun says:

    Am I missing something here? I see a few 720p raws on TT.

  3. croak says:

    Isn’t this Chihayafuru 27 by now?

  4. eleriel says:

    Ku-fei’s “Are you at death’s door” should actually be “are you underestimating your teacher (shi)”

    other than that… for a 480p release it sure does require a very fast computer. video keeps lagging behind the sound… unless I use windows media player, which I hate with gusto.

  5. Artix86 says:

    Thanks.. Will you guys be doing BD for Negima movie as well?

  6. vivant says:

    Thanks for Chihaya! =D

  7. Shawn263241 says:

    So, this movie isn’t HD?