Nekomonogatari Batch(?)


Not so much a batch as a combined file with a bunch of script fixes, but yeah.

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21 Responses to “Nekomonogatari Batch(?)”

  1. yuiop says:

    Thank Commie

  2. Ashitaka says:

    …did Robotics take two weeks off from airing?

  3. Recently says:

    Anything significant enough to warrant downloading this version if i have the other 4 already?

  4. erejnion says:

    Hm, interesting, can this still be patched up? I would guess the video can be muxed together, but maybe not by xdelta? So, you’d need mkvmerge for the patch too, for example? I am asking out of pure curiosity, file is already downloading, and the old ones are already deleted.

    • herkz says:

      you could try appending the episodes to each other

      i’m not sure if the subs would line up perfectly though

  5. The_Probe says:

    Is the sub track without the puns still coming, or was it dropped?

  6. fuggg says:

    Is there a second track without puns?

  7. Kaisos says:

    Fuck yeah finally.

  8. Solaristics says:

    Will you guys be doing more shows as Simulcasts come along. Example: (Amnesia) that got a simulcast recently, etc.

  9. fu says:

    It’s called “Black”…not “Batch”.