Nekomonogatari Black 2


Episode 3 possibly tonight, possibly tomorrow.

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  1. zohos says:

    possibly now

  2. Leesan says:

    Thanks! ;D
    Don’t work too hard nao

  3. Yoho says:

    Possibly tonight. Can’t wait :D

  4. Drop says:

    Thank you soooo much! :D

  5. Necker the Tan says:

    Thanks guys.

    Eagerly waiting for 3 and 4.

  6. guest says:

    is there a part missing in the first one or in this one? or is the thing with the cat burial only a review kind of thing without showing it directly?
    thanks for the translation nonetheless!

  7. CaeX says:


    >in 2013

  8. Choux says:

    Thanks a ton!

  9. cheri says:

    yeah it looked like it was missing a small chunck

  10. Tima says:

    Waiting patiently for episode 3 XD

  11. Jimmeh says:

    Awesome, looking forward to the rest and will start watching all the (Bake, Nise then Neko)monogatari in a marathon.

  12. Kchiyo says:

    Chances for a single file containing all 4 parts ?
    ( Why am I even asking that… )

  13. kuro says:

    thanks for the share!!!!!

  14. desu says:

    wish the 3rd part would be here already :D

  15. martinez says:

    >Keep pressing F5

    >Neko Black 2 pops out


  16. anonymoot says:

    Sank you very much.

  17. pom says:

    Would this also be released un-split?

  18. Creeper says:

    wait is this a B part show or a movie…? or is it EP2

  19. Flamehaze says:

    Thx alot for uber fast realease.Tho get some sleep mkay? :)

  20. mascthemoney says:

    i really think this episode got cut off too soon. i trust you guys but it just seems a bit off.

  21. Random says:

    Thanks for the releases on the heels of New Year’s Eve. I was grateful to see anything so soon!

  22. pr0 says:

    those are some pretty mice puns huehuehuehue

  23. flossifer says:

    The detailed stuff (pavement writing, cat puns) in a speed job are very impressive. I have Bake BD’s that don’t translate the pavement stuff.


  24. Pikminiman says:

    Oh boy have I missed new -monogatari content. Many, many thanks to Commie for their always superb work, particularly with a show as wordy as this. Encoding is flawless, too. If I may ask, why are the endings cut out? (It doesn’t bother me; I’m just curious.)

    • herkz says:

      there aren’t any. the op is at the beginning of episode 1 and the ending is at the end of episode 4

  25. x says:

    Sounds good and looks delicious.

    I wasn’t expecting all the typesetting/translation for all of the signs and objects, but sure enough it was there, Good work.

    Also how is this airing? Is this all airing in one chunk?
    Will Neko-White be the same?

  26. Fag It says:

    fingers crossed for tonight

  27. tama says:

    165 mb???

  28. Xoleum says:

    Is it me or is the video cutting off at the end? I had the same with the first episode, never saw anything about finding a cat and burying it.

    • herkz says:

      it’s supposed to cut there

      and that was in bakemonogatari

      • Xoleum says:

        Can’t remember, and doesn’t this story take place before bakemonogatari started?

        • Alexander says:

          It was in a flashback in Bakemonogatari, the same way it was in a flashback here.

          In the novel there isn’t even a whole sentence devoted to the cat burial when it happens. It’s that uneventful.

  29. Hihi says:

    YES was waiting for this. Thanks for the quick releases

  30. Verix says:

    What’s with people that keep asking “why is it cut off” “why is there no op” etc, it’s a movie split into 4 parts what’s so hard to understand T_T

  31. GimmeAir says:

    Thanks to everyone for these! I echo all the other posts, speed, typesetting, translations, encoding. A very cool gift to start the new year! You do a wonderfull job. Don’t let the ones who keep asking the same question get you down!

    linput redirect to dev null, you bet.

  32. shelly says:

    the subs are great and i really appreciate the effort especially on all the background text.

  33. SoulMonkee says:

    Great! Waiting for part 3 and 4. Thanks a lot!

  34. Rekyuke says:

    Many thanks for this show…

    The cat puns and lines are really good.

    keep up the good work

    • aw says:

      I don’t agree with the translation of the cat puns, i would just put meow in the na’s and ma’s. now.

  35. noobie says:

    Excuse me, but where can I get the first part of this? This is labeled as the second on… so where is the first one, I couldn’t find it….

    • Kchiyo says:

      You cannot possibly be serious, nope no way !

      however, hint : check the longest post on the main page.

    • Verix says:

      It’s in the big post full of releases right below episode 2, or you could search on nyaatorrents..

  36. Koromaro says:

    Will you guys release the 4 parts into one Video when it’s complete ?

  37. Karasu says:

    Thanks soooo much guys! You’re doing a great job.

    I can’t wait for the rest!!