Nekomonogatari Black 4


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24 Responses to “Nekomonogatari Black 4”

  1. Jing says:

    Epic Refresh

  2. randomguy says:


  3. Patch says:

    Thanks a ton! Great movie tbh.

  4. IzzyData says:

    Thanks. Great episodes.

  5. LOLLLLLLZ says:

    Are you going to work on Curticle Tantei Inaba?

  6. Daijoubu says:

    Thank you a thousand times for letting me watch this!!

  7. erejnion says:

    That’s… okay, maybe not perfect, but infinitely better. Thank you guys, I am in your debt yet again. Now to my rewatch.

  8. martinez says:

    Will wait till complete one archice file. Gracias!

  9. oak says:

    Can I request for the whole script only? I’ve downloaded from UTW but your release has a much better flow in the dialogues. GJ commie!!

  10. Sage009 says:

    Is “Second Season” referring to Bakemono or a totally new show based on the books?

  11. pom says:

    I can’t wait for the “full”, unsplit release of this. I find this better than other subs.

  12. Anonbon says:

    oh man, seeing that preview for more monogatari made my year. SUH-WEET

    also, thanks commie, good work as always!

  13. bercerus says:

    i hope u guys release release long version too.

  14. Azutte says:

    Any word of an OST… eventually? Not seeing one on the interwebs and that backing track just after the big fight is amazing

  15. Lanf says:

    Urk, tried UTW’s as it was released between your 3 and 4, but got utterly put off by the terrible cat puns. I mean, if you’re gonna do cat puns at least do them well. Anyway, thanks for the release.

  16. Zan says:

    So… Start watching it now or wait for the merged release? I won’t mind waiting a day or two if it means I’m watching the superior version.

  17. Alteration says:

    I just watched the first episode… I can see why nobody wanted to work on it