New IRC Channel

Our new channel is at #[email protected] because a certain immature now retired fansubber keeps dicking around with the old one. Please update accordingly.

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15 Responses to “New IRC Channel”

  1. Billhelm_II says:

    Hm… seems I missed something while asleep.

  2. shani-san says:

    Changing channel doesn’t change quality/mentality. Well anyways. This is a reminder that before a fansubber, everyone should be anime fans, and before that, a human being.

    I hope you guys stick around for a while. With the quality of people around your channel, i doubt weeaboos will ever return there. ;)

  3. shani-san says:

    oh, and i hope you get the i7 stuff paid every month, without that, it will be hard to release at the pace of FUNIrips.

  4. Calrith says:

    Is Commie still planning to stick around for the long haul? I’m not assed about speed as i prefer quality, just wanna know if the sub group will continue regardless of the leaving?

  5. !!! says:

    How do you think having the founder retire will affect the group? Does it mean anything more than the loss of encoding servers and/or IRC bot(s), or does this mean some projects may get stalled because he was involved in them?
    I hope you guys reconcile if possible and I hope Commie will continue to put up good releases!

    • HerpDerp says:

      It might mean that some BD encodes won’t happen, but he wasn’t involved in any of the shows that are airing this season.

  6. johnny_dickpants says:

    this shani’s comments sound really butthurt about something

  7. Chibito says:

    The attention getter.

    It’s working.

  8. siaoidiot says:


  9. B0ng0 says:

    Are you guys still doing the Blue Literature BD rips?

  10. Giraffe says:

    My attention has been attained!

  11. Crumbs says:

    You need to find some background music for that

  12. Chikuyo says:

    Pls change the .gif..
    my head got dizzy watching the gif… just put up some faggot face… (@@)”