Nichijou/Iroha ITP butthurt

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“Please, complain more. Really. That’ll really make us go faster.” list
Maria 3 @ 99% ready to release
Maria 4 @ typesetting, none of the signs have been TL’d so…
Maria 5 @ I don’t fucking know and neither does anyone else.

Also, we haven’t dropped Maria, but the endless “MARIA WHERE YOU FUCKERS” sure has inspired me to get them to drop it.

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33 Responses to “Nichijou/Iroha ITP butthurt”

  1. Splog says:

    Do it! Drop Maria! I triple dog dare you!

  2. anon says:

    You know it’s because stuff like K-on—errh Nichijou (like there’s a god damn difference), Iroha, Lotte, X-men, TWGOK, etc., are actually normal, while having many other groups subbing them as it is…

    • Cool Guy says:

      >K-on—errh Nichijou (like there’s a god damn difference)

      There’s really no similarity past them both being KyoAni.

  3. RHExcelion says:


  4. macxxx007 says:

    oh dear… regardless, thanks for the episodes!

  5. PickleSmoocher says:

    Who cares if your backed. You’re already subbing Futon, WWDeer Wrestler, Shiro/Redman, TWGOK, X-Men, Homolust Heroes and Sluts: The Animation (and doing a good job I might add).

    That being said, I eagerly await your Maria.

  6. Loki says:

    Maria is one of the 4 shows I’m watching this season, and I’m not worried about when it’ll be released. Do people not have patience anymore?

    • Gaku says:

      Looking at the moaning leechers do in GG’s Aria releases? Of course they don’t.

  7. rhizzu says:

    since you requested us to complain.
    well, your late..! wheres maria holic?

    ok btw, thanks for this release,

    even late, worth waiting.
    good luck,

  8. Maldark says:

    More Nichijo, Iroha AND an update on Maria, what more could we want. I don’t see the point in complaining about Maria, you’re the ONLY group doing it, unless you want crunchy subs we can all just suck it up and wait. It’s not that hard.

  9. Anon says:


    on a more serious note I really appreciate your work with maria holic. I don’t mind having to wait, in the meantime I can watch Horrible subs version (even if the translations suck).

  10. Cream says:


    drop it.

  11. Heavyoak says:

    dude, its cool. im waiting. besides, too much lezbo x trap action and my boner will never go down.

  12. Derp says:


  13. johnny_dickpants, just let the M+H team decide if they want to drop it. I personally wouldn’t like that to happen since TAN’s sub is languish. It kind of sadden me that the M+H fansub love has a hint of dying… :(

  14. !!! says:

    While I don’t mind waiting for M+H, I do have to wonder why is almost everything else done in a timely manner, but M+H isn’t.

  15. Alimunium says:

    Thanks for the work, I know subbing is a pretty thankless job so what you do is always appreciated.

    The Maria+Holic status updates are nice as well since I can at least know the progress. However, you guys are the only others besides Horrible releasing M+H – leaving no other alternative to turn to.

    Hoping that you’ll get more episodes out in a timely fashion.

    Also: obligatory “MARIA WHERE YOU FUCKERS”

  16. XeonSpy says:

    You Could Add a Negitive timer IE. Each time you get a “WHERE THE FUCK” letter you add a 1min to release time? to discourage the asses

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      This idea, I like.

      • Adamar says:

        1 minute seems a bit generous, 1 day would be better.

        I don’t mind waiting, there’ a lot of good stuff this season (a lot of which I’m getting from you guys).

        Thanks for the releases.

    • Positron says:

      1 minute wouldn’t really mean much at this point. Make it 1 day.

      • XeonSpy says:

        Well I would Say 1 Hour to 12 Hours, Do to the amount of Messages we Know they get; I will wait for commie :3

  17. erejnion says:

    Only problem with Maria Holic is that I have already rewatched the whole first season + the first two episodes of the second.


    Ah, but don’t mind me, I will definitely wait for you anyway, it just makes us feel better if we pester you. Tsundere much, eh.

  18. DeMoN says:


    [good enough} :P

    btw thanx for the episodes :D

  19. ranmachua says:

    Please DON’T DROP Maria coz you are the only guys doing it. We don’t mind waiting patiently for it

  20. Magicalcrap says:

    Maria theme: Glorious.

    Might as well cancel the website design search, cant get any better than this.

  21. Mr Lucipher says:

    I don’t even watch Maria.
    Not a single fuck would be given if it was dropped.