Nichijou 7
720 | F$
480 | F$

Iroha 7 (airs in like 5 hours and it’ll take daiz 2x that to finish it)
720 | F$
480 | F$

About Maria: Fuck off it’ll be out when it’s done. You’ve already waited 2 years for the sequel if a month and a half is too much for you then piss off and get horriblesubs. Yes it’s retarded that we haven’t gotten them out yet. Shit happened. Deal With It.

Btw. Remember how [qIIq] took one year to sub two last episodes of BMG? SAME TYPESETTER IS DOING MARIA

( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

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42 Responses to “Nichiroha”

  1. Sword of Retribution says:

    Maria where you fuckers? xDDD

  2. anon says:

    While you can polish a turd it will still be SHIT.

    Much like..

  3. oh wow says:

    About Maria: Well, now I have no reason to come here anymore. All the other series you’re “subbing” are already released by proper and better fansub group. Now I’ll go watch my eyecancerish, yet available, horrible subs.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Which “proper” and “better” groups are those?

      • oh wow says:

        Astarotte: pwq, hatsuyuki, horrible subs (they’re faster and they’re pretty much like yours)
        Denpa Onna: Mazui
        Iroha: hatsuyuki, horrible (as above)
        Nichijou: horrible (as above)
        Steins: Steins;sub

        • Daiz says:


          Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious that people satisfied with streaming quality wouldn’t appreciate actual quality.

          Not to mention that you seem to like hardsubbed karaoke, which officially makes you gay as fuck.

          • lol says:

            >implying I give a shit about karaoke

          • anon says:

            Not entirely on-topic (and not the person you were replying to), but occasionally Crunchyroll’s video manages to look better, because the TV source has shitloads of MPEG-2 artifacts on complex scenes.

  4. anon says:


  5. Horo says:

    Fuck Maria, where’s my Steins;Gate 6?! I need to know what that untranslated line was!!!!!!eleventyeleven!!!!!

  6. Kaligastia says:

    About Maria: I don’t understand why everyone are so hostiles (well a lot of people). Just be patient this is the key. The fan-sub’s work is really hard…

    • lol says:

      Fansub: translating from japanese and shit

      What commies do: rip CR subs and put their name on it.
      And with Maria they can’t steal anything because it’s hardsubbed.

      This is why everyone are so hostiles.

      • airco says:

        >With Maria they can’t steal anything because it’s hardsubbed.

        You are sorely mistaken, my friend.

        • lol says:

          I’m talking about ep 3.

          • KKRais says:

            Yeah, so sorry to inform you, but that isn’t the hold-up.

            That shit was ripped… 492 hours ago.

          • lol says:

            And what’s the real hold-up? Are they simply retarded as fuck thst they can’t put some fucking subs on a fucking video?

          • the trooper says:


            If you think the fansubbing process of Commie is just “put some fucking subs on a fucking video” i think you will be pleased whit the remuxes that lay around in NT.

        • lol says:

          that’s what commie’s releases are.

          • the trooper says:

            No they aren’t. You know what typesetting is? If you check the remuxes you will notice none of it. Besides, AFAIK Commie as a “in-house” TL for Maria.

          • PhillipDSX says:

            What a sad little boy… go to HS and ask them to translate signs for you.

    • badkarma says:

      I don’t know what’s going on in IRC, but as far as the website is concerned, take a look around you.

      Are you reeeeally asking why everyone’s so hostile? That’s about as observant as shooting someone in the face and asking him why his nose is bleeding.

      They made a troll theme website and troll subbed a video. When you throw gas on a fire, shit burns, and it’s almost laughable that they’re addressing/complaining about the backlash.

      I mean, if you’re gonna troll… then troll. Don’t be a pussy and back out now! Let the depraved middle-aged virgins living in their parents basement stew over their delayed male fantasies.

      It’s more fun that way.

      That said, personally, I couldn’t give a shit about Maria, really, and I understand the effort it takes to fansub, therefore would never complain about a wait time. It’s work. A labor of love, but still work nonetheless, and I greatly appreciate commie for all of their efforts.

  7. Eternal_lurker says:

    I just came up with a drinking game… the rules are pretty simple;

    1. somebody complains about Maria
    2. “Maria where you fuckers”

    -> ??
    -> Profit aka. drink!

    I guess I’m going to call it Maria(lco)Holic.

  8. erejnion says:

    >Remember how [qIIq] took one year to sub two last episodes of BMG?

    IT’S OUT????? WHY I DONT HAVE IT YET??????????????

  9. PhillipDSX says:

    Long live Tai and his typesetting, let him work in peace and fuck off weabbos!

    Thanks for more Nichijou~!

  10. Heavyoak says:

    I got nothing better to do than wait. (no really I dont){im a NEET}

    so i’ll just hang around and wait, come back to the site every few days.

    unlike these ungrateful bastards, I an thankful that you guys are subbing maria holic 2. other than HS, no one is doing it. and you guys are way better than HS.

    keep at it man. you are loved. [in an non-gay{as non-gay as can be}way.]

  11. leo@uhw says:

    I couldn’t give a shit about Maria, truth be told. It’s a sub-standard show, always been, always will be.

    I’m here for the trolling involved. (And my fix of TWGOK2, S;G & Iroha)

  12. Kioku says:

    What about Steins;Gate?

    • homu homu says:

      Week delay and still no subs. Probably the same thing as with Maria Holic. Give it up.

  13. Daiz says:

    >(airs in like 5 hours and it’ll take daiz 2x that to finish it)

    Only took 2½ hours to get it out after it had finished airing ( `ー´)y-~

  14. x says:


  15. CDP5280 says:

    SO that’s the problem here, you guys don’t have a reliable typesetter. Here’s a possible solution to your typesetter problem – get a better typesetter!

    • Tai says:

      During 3 recruitment periods no one was even close to passing the typesetter test.