Night Raid’s Flash 01

Argh! The QUARITY of the Mandarin makes me want to poke my ears out!
If you don’t know Mandarin and you need an analogy, I guess you could say it’s like Kristen’s encoding: They think they know their stuff, but to someone that actually knows it, it’s fail.

In other news, I actually bothered to do seamless typesetting (vs lazy top of screen):

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27 Responses to “Night Raid’s Flash 01”

  1. Chris says:

    Wow, putting effort into a release rather than being an immature 16 year old that wants to rush everything out the door, I’m impressed!

  2. zxcv says:

    You are aware that you have the title of the show backwards. Literally: Night Raid of (the) Flash.

    Though it’s probably more something like “Night Raid in a Flash!” or “Night Raid in the Blink of an Eye!” Haven’t watched the show so I can’t say for sure.

    Having the title so blatantly wrong does not reflect well on your subbing effort! hth

  3. TmaT says:

    typesetting sucks. font choosing is terrible. it’s not readable.
    what did you think when you made five line long subs?

  4. Lissi says:

    Thanks for subbing!

  5. name says:

    Filesize is 469M. This seems a bit much, considering most HD anime will end up around ~300M.
    What the hell did you do?

  6. BoozerX says:

    Is your project from now ?
    Great first episode.

  7. goku says:

    Thanks for the Episode! Btw, can I get the font you used for the title “Night Raid’s Flash”. I tried googling it but couldn’t find it.