Nisekoi 01


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16 Responses to “Nisekoi 01”

  1. TheUberAsian says:

    LOL!! How many signs were in this episode?

  2. Sherlock says:

    That ending was styled and typesetted perfectly! Great job guys.

  3. some guy says:

    I like Nisekoi, I like Shaft. Why do I not think that this is going to go well?

  4. Saru says:

    You should have used “Gorilla” instead of monkey girl it’s funnier and more appropriate to the scene I think.
    Well it’s just my opinion…

  5. neinome says:

    Time to photoshop blue flame over left eye…..

  6. StmMchn says:

    The typesetting in this episode is fucking masterful. It’s to be expected in a Shaft show, I guess, but there are so many cool little details that weren’t necessary yet add to the experience. My favorites are at 2:09 when the subtitle leans to the left along with all the Yakuza members, then at 12:09 when the airborne barbel knocks the subtitle away.

  7. LnDSuv says:

    You did an amazing work, thank you!

  8. EdMX says:

    Japanese translated text of Chitoge’s message was a bit off. Well, her original English is just as incorrect, anyway. Scum bastard.