Nisekoi 02


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  1. iprolyhu says:

    Gawd damnit Commie. Finally.

  2. Yue says:

    For some reason, when I go in fullscreen with this release, the video stops within seconds.
    Did you guys change something since last week?

  3. Kuroki says:

    Not working,freeze at the beginning.

    • herkz says:

      please use the latest cccp

      or your computer really sucks a lot

      • Sage009 says:

        My PC stutters during the intro and I have an i5 2500k with a 560ti GPU.
        How does that suck?

        • herkz says:

          that’s just hdr slowly penetrating your toaster with his typesetting dick

          i hope you lubed up

          • Catastrophe says:

            given that im (temporally) watching my commie-translated chinese cartoons on a coal stove (yes, not even a toaster), i call bullshit on the i5 claims

          • Yue says:

            No, it’s your release…
            Changing the DirectShow Video Output in Media Player Classic (Options > Playback > Output) to a different renderer that doesn’t support Subtitles (Like Enhanced Video Renderer), it works perfectly fine as it use VSFilter instead, but the moment you choose one that does take in consideration subtitles, like Enhanced Video Renderer (Custom presenter), it bugs out.
            … God even to me it sound like Chinese…

        • RDF2050 says:


          I have a i5 2500 with GTX 570 GPU and I didn’t have such problem with any of the signs in the episode.

          Make sure you using the last version of CCCP.

          Note: I am using CCCP 2014+Madvr.

  4. Jayvøn says:


  5. Seraph says:

    On OS X Mavericks, latest MBP model, the video kills VLC and bugs out on MPlayerX for the first 30 seconds.

    • Xythar says:

      We don’t support or test anything on libass, so unless you’re using the recommended CCCP setup, you’re on your own.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try using mpv. It’ll play like shit during that segment, but at least it’ll play. The only other way you’re playing this release is with Boot Camp.

      (Or getting the libass devs to make their renderer be able to handle this, but ahahaha good luck with that.)

      • rcombs says:

        Libass dev here; we’re working on it. New release later this week should massively improve performance and stability on pathological scripts like this.

        • rcombs says:

          OK, finished the fix. When rendering at 1280×720, this now runs approximately at full speed on my machine.

  6. faulty says:

    Great job on the the ED’s typesetting!

  7. Wuzzle says:

    It’s choking out latest win64 VLC as well FYI.

  8. iprolyhu says:

    Guys. I’m on a generic $500 laptop by acer and I can watch this 100% fine with all the subtitles showing. Fuck your toasters.

  9. ssSithy says:

    i5 3570k, EVGA 560, 8GB ram and using KCP on highest settings.

    That gigantic black typesetting dick at the start is choking even my comp.

  10. Arkyn says:

    Using MPC-HC with MadVR and LAV Filter. The file is floading the RAM at is max the Player Crashed. No Problemts with episode one. Something is differend with this file…

  11. Daemonhell says:

    Doesn’t work with latest 2014 CCCP and 2009 laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.1GHz + GT120M + 4Gb Ram. Okay for two seconds then freeze then MPC-HC crashes. No problems on episode 1.

    • Xythar says:

      You’re probably using the MPC-HC internal sub renderer by mistake. Make sure “auto-load subtitles” is unchecked.

      There’s no reason xy-vsfilter should have trouble with any of the gradients, so if you do, chances are you’re not using xy-vsfilter.

      • Daemonhell says:

        ‘auto-load subtitles’ was and is still unchecked. How can I make sure I am using xy-vsfilter ? Found no mention of it in the CCCP settings but I do have a VSFilter.dll in the Filters folder.

  12. Cowwan says:

    I’m on a Phenom II 840 with a Radeon 5850. Even with the newest version of CCCP all the frames with typesetting in like the first 10 seconds get dropped. Other than that it seems to work fine.

  13. Indigo says:

    I’m sorry but wat. The fact that so many people are having a problem with this particular ep means that there’s something obviously wrong with it, drop the crap already.

    Not everyone wants to run your particular recommended setup, and the fact that every player shoots up to like 1GB RAM usage is just a dumb.

    I dunno who thought it’d be funny to go full retard with the typesetting, but it’s just not funny.

    • Orcus says:

      Maybe you could stop living in 2003. It’s time to upgrade your 486.

      And, just for the record, it was hilarious.

    • Xythar says:

      The only thing that’s wrong is the number of people who insist on using VLC despite “DON’T USE VLC WE DO NOT SUPPORT IT” warnings being plastered over every fansub site in existence.

      The typesetters here target a certain recommended setup because it allows them to do things with the typesetting that couldn’t be done before. If you don’t care about typesetting to begin with, get HorribleSubs instead. They’re all but guaranteed to work on your toaster.

      • Orcus says:

        Hey. I have a toaster and I can play it just fine. MPC works better than VLC on Windows. Mplayer works better than VLC on Linux.

        VLC is shit regardless of the platform.

    • herkz says:

      >Not everyone wants to run your particular recommended setup

      I can’t see any good reason why not.

      • Orcus says:

        Not everyone has $100 to buy a really cheap computer capable of playing most media files.

        • herkz says:

          i know, man. so hard.

          • Orcus says:

            Oh, herkz, you dirty man!

            • Indigo says:

              I’m running MPC-HC with madVR on an i7 and a HD7970. I somewhy doubt my toaster is the problem here.

              And the reason why not everyone can run your particular recommended setup is because not everyone uses their PC as a glorified Commie-only animu machine.

              I don’t want to install CCCP, MPC works just fine for nearly every other anime release ever (including the previous EP of this series) and has the added privilege of playing all other kinds of videos without any compatibility issues as well.

              The typesetting is just shit. I appreciate your releases, but this “hurr durr upgrade your toaster” stuff while a lot of people seem to be having an issue with this release, is simply pathetic.

              • Orcus says:

                Considering some people can run it fine, I think it is your setup.

                I’ve got a Core Duo and GTS450 and this runs fine with minor, expected lag. Hardly the problem you seem to be flapping about.

                I suggest you find what’s fucked up about your setup and go then fix it.

                • Indigo says:

                  Your logic is completely counter-intuitive. Yes, obviously some people can run it fine, because they probably have the very particular set-up that runs it as expected. However, it’s obviously a problem when some people can’t run it fine, while every other release runs okay on their system.

                  I’m not “flapping” about anything – I just think it’s really immature to tell people that it’s their toaster’s fault, when obviously something’s off about the release. I appreciate your releases, I really do, but this kind of attitude stinks.

                  • herkz says:

                    refusing to use the most common (windows) playback setup is retarded. stop making excuses. if it doesn’t run and you refuse to switch to software that will run it, don’t expect us to treat you kindly.

                    • Indigo says:

                      I wouldn’t switch software just to play one episode, don’t worry.

                      But do give me a call when you get off your high horse. Despicable, really.

                    • herkz says:

                      Why would you refuse to switch to superior software?

                    • Xythar says:

                      You have absolutely no reason not to switch software to play all future episodes except pure stubborn idiocy on your part.

                      All fansub groups I know target CCCP as a setup. If you don’t like it, don’t watch softsubs.

              • Positron says:

                Hardly a “Commie-only animu machine”, really. I’ve used CCCP exclusively for years and I’ve never had a playback issue with anything. It’s not like you should have issues with other setups (madVR etc) anyway as long as they’re decent (read: MPC’s internal sub renderer is not decent).

                My mediocre-tier i3 370M without any kind of hardware acceleration also plays that sequence with only some minor slowdown at one point, so yeah.

                • Indigo says:

                  I never said I have a problem with CCCP – I just avoid installing things that I don’t really need.

                  If you’ve got advice for people as to how they could fix this without installing CCCP, then by all means, do share. It’s a lot more constructive than “upgrade your toaster”.

                  • herkz says:

                    install xy-vsfilter

                  • Xythar says:

                    Clearly you do need it, or else you wouldn’t be having problems. I have no idea why you refuse to install the one thing that would fix your problems and then come here bitching like it’s our fault that you’re dumb.

              • herkz says:

                You don’t need to install CCCP, just a recent version of xy-vsfilter.

                Also, you can install MadVR on top of CCCP and have the exact same setup you have now, so I don’t see why you refuse. I guess you just don’t really know what CCCP is.

      • fportales says:

        some of us want to watch animu from a raspberry pi

  14. Anonz says:

    The first sequence of the episode is shit. Complete and utter shit.

    • billy says:

      If having trouble playing the subtitles then you need:
      xy-vsfilter (
      madVR (0.87.4).

      Untick mpc-hc, ffdshows subtitles options and enjoy.

  15. spikeh says:

    Simple fact is this, your encode is shit. It does not deserve to be blue listed at nyaa. I shall recommend same to them. Why not admit you screwed up and do it over?