Nisekoi 05


Hdr: Pool episode. tehshower back in charge of release pics.

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10 Responses to “Nisekoi 05”

  1. Tibsi says:

    its been a while since you guys messed up the muxing ^^

    • Haidaraaaaa says:

      Please explain further.

      • Tibsi says:

        Oh… the main font was broken, but since no one else is complaining i take it my download was the problem.


        • herkz says:

          Well, the release is muxed automatically by a bot, so it can’t really mess up on just one episode. If the main font was broken, it would be broken every time it was used.

          • Tibsi says:

            Not necessarily no. Even if it’s muxed by a bot there is a lot that can go wrong, it’s just not very likely. But I’m not in the mood to discuss IT therefor thx for the release and sorry for the confusion.

            • herkz says:

              uh, i don’t think you understand. it won’t mux it if there are any errors. the font itself would have to be corrupted, which i find unlikely.

  2. fgfds says:


    Onodera is cute, though.

  3. man00ver says:

    Magnificent “bracketed” sub placement! You guys are geniuses. Thanks!

  4. non says:

    Use of \pos around 7:30 got me to smile and chuckle enough that I ended up posting this. Cheers.