Nisekoi 15


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17 Responses to “Nisekoi 15”

  1. FRNZ says:

    Oh shit, it’s out. Thanks.

  2. keemeef says:

    I believe in Based Commie that they will catch up with Nisekoi.

    • Katsu says:

      hehe indeed! this is actually the second show that am using their subs due to speed release :P

  3. Artificial Intelligence says:

    Why was this taken down briefly? Did something change?

  4. space says:

    Glad to see Tehshower getting fired made this stalled less ;_;

    • Cpt.ClownPorn says:

      To be fair.. there was new OP&ED this episode so it’s given that it takes longer than usual.

  5. Anon says:

    Yesterday’s was an Onodera’s episode, you can skip that one.

  6. Sammy the Squirrel says:

    Onodera is the best girl

  7. Catastrophe says:

    Chitoge a best
    but Onodera still a cute.

    why wasnt i born as a Harem MC?

  8. FRNZ says:

    Okay, something’s up. Apparently, the OP and ED subtitles are playing fine, but absolutely none of the other subs are showing up. Is something wrong with this file? Or is it just me? I verified the CRC code already.