Nisekoi 16


skiddiks: For those of you with upcoming finals: ganbatte

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14 Responses to “Nisekoi 16”

  1. FRNZ says:


  2. Anon says:

    >Worst girl episode

  3. Deybz says:


    Keep up the good work, Comrade

  4. xDev says:

    thx guys i can feel your love, even tho i dont have finals

  5. Pikminiman says:

    Thanks, as always, for the release. I think I’ve begun looking forward to your typesetting for this show more than the show itself, and with how much I’m loving the show, that’s really saying something.

    Also, incredibly premature question: will Commie be subbing Space Dandy’s second season?

    P.S. Onodera is perfect in every way, and therefore this has been the best episode so far.

  6. Catastrophe says:

    Onodera a cute

    Chitoge still a best tho.

  7. Axiom says:

    Marika best girl

  8. anonymouse says:

    I think you should check the sentence @16:29
    “Stop imagining things that stuff!”
    “things” is probably unnecessary.