Nisekoi 2 05


skiddiks: no ed tl cause fug marika
Torn: tfw best ED gets no TL
skiddiks: this is why people oppress you, Torn
Torn: fuck u
skiddiks: Torn pls
Torn: just go, m’eight
skiddiks: fite me

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22 Responses to “Nisekoi 2 05”

  1. Anon says:

    Never change typesetter-senpai.

  2. keemeef~ says:

    skiddiks stays loyal #TeamChitoge

  3. Name says:

    FUCK YOU !

  4. Force Gaia says:

    I may be #TeamOnodera but I can see why folks would be on #TeamChitoge

    Why anyone would like Marika is beyond me though

  5. rapter says:

    Why hate Marika?? ;-;

  6. damnitherkz says:


  7. Synchroneity says:

    tfw skiddiks won’t daisuki best girl #TeamMarika

  8. Beefminster says:

    I will never understand you poor lost humdrums.

    Maybe if everyone with me in teams Ruri and Seishirou formed a coalition we could show these dull, unimaginative mainheroinefags what a real best girl is.

  9. Jesus says:


  10. Arthur B. says:

    That F U C K M A R I K A at the end was rather… Expected!!

    Also, ImoDera best Onodera.

  11. Maxer says:

    Tsumugi or Onodera, there really isn’t any other choice guys common.

  12. Lik says:

    Hey be nice to Marika! Shits getting pretty real for her in the manga
    That being said, Chitoge4life

    • TKDB says:

      >That ED

      Normally I’m not a fan of that sort of thing…but I think I can forgive it this once.

      Fuck Marika indeed.

      • TKDB says:

        That was not meant to be a reply to anyone else’s post, I suck cocks and cannot into comment forms.

  13. GunBlazer says:

    I was considering donating to you guys again until I saw that ED(or rather, anti-Marika edit). #Marika4Ever