Nisekoi 2 11


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  1. Anon says:

    Nice webm.

  2. valor says:

    Onodera is just terrible.

  3. Keeko says:

    Thank you for the release!

  4. man00ver says:


  5. keemeef~ says:

    Ty for the lame ep~

  6. Ropima says:


  7. Jupiter says:

    why are they still making onodera episodes

    • Anon says:

      To balance it out maybe, the first few episodes were about Chitoge, then we had some Haru and now Onodera.
      I don’t know why they gave Haru so much “importance” in the first place but this season was a complete mess and a horrible adaptation.

  8. Nis says:

    What horrible adaptation? Beside messing around with chapters order, everything else was spot on. Nisekoi has no plot anyway. Same clichés repeated in cycle lol

    • Lik says:

      I mostly agree. Shaft has done a good job adapting Nisekoi in my opinion. 95% of complains should be directed towards the mangaka. With that said, I think Nisekoi does have a plot and one of great potential at that. However, what it’s lacking in is direction and decisiveness.

      • skiddiks says:

        blame it for being in Jump and popular

        • Lik says:

          You’re right, it’s not like you can blame the mangaka for drawing/milking things out while he can. I just hope he doesn’t push aside what really needs to be addressed; the locket, keys and who he made the promise to all those years back.

  9. Lik says:

    Thanks bunchies Commie <3