Nisemonogatari 11 [END] (Supposedly)


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  1. Daniel says:

    Shakugan no Shana status

  2. fan says:

    Thanks for subbing this series!

  3. Ascoat says:

    So, what’s the story with the rest of the show? This episode ends with “To be continued” like Bakemonogatari 12 did. Is this mislabeled here as the end, are there going to be web broadcasts like with Bakemonogatari, or did it just mean the little bit after the credits?

    • RHExcelion says:

      No idea.

    • trololololo says:

      Probably this

      Too lazy to search for other site, you’ll have to live with MAL.

    • Nickienator says:

      At the very least, the rest of the Monogatari novels are probably going to be adapted. So I personally wouldn’t be suprised if not too long after Kizumonogatari a new adaption is announced.
      I doubt they will waste time with web broadcasts now. NisiOisin can almost be called popular to adapt with Medaka and the ‘6 more Nisio Isin (Shaft) projects’.

      • Kinoko says:

        Kizumonogatari is being adapted into an anime film that is supposed to be released in the theaters sometime this year. Kizu is a prequel story though.

  4. Alex says:


  5. Animesetsuna says:

    So it’s confirm. Nisemonogatari will release total 5 volumes in BD & DVD (Total: 11 Episode)
    Karen’s Vol 1~3 (7 Episodes) &
    Tsukihi’s Vol 4~5 (4 Episodes).

  6. Tsunderella says:

    WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sporked says:

      You are trying to find logic in a shaft release? I think it would be easier to see Cthulu and not die of insanity than to try and understand the train of thought behind their stuff.

  7. fu says:


    I’m platinum mad.

  8. MC says:

    The wait for Kizumonogatari starts now :'(

    Need to learn japanese so I can read the novels :'(

    Or wait for a english publisher to translate and sell it at my local bookstore :'(

    • Jing says:

      You can read it on… crap I forgot the groups name. Idk if its in the apple app store but on android the app is called bakareader and the group that manages that app has translated kizu already and its up on that app. I’ve been reading it as I have time since I can’t wait and I’m more interested in this vampire summer than anything.

      • DLG1210 says:

        I believe you’re talking about Baka Tsuki
        For people who don’t know, it’s a basically a wiki made for translated LNs

    • NisiOisiN says:

      the wait was loooooooong for nise (at least for me)… i hope i can take it :'(

      at least there is a lot more to wait for :D

      Bakemonogatari Volume 1 / 化物語(上) (Published November 1, 2006, ISBN 4-06-283602-5)
      Bakemonogatari Volume 2 / 化物語(下) (Published December 1, 2006, ISBN 4-06-283607-6)
      Kizumonogatari / 傷物語 (Published May 7, 2008, ISBN 978-4-06-283663-0)
      Nisemonogatari Volume 1 / 偽物語(上) (Published September 2, 2008, ISBN 978-4-06-283679-1)
      Nisemonogatari Volume 2 / 偽物語(下) (Published June 10, 2009, ISBN 978-4-06-283702-6)
      Nekomonogatari (Black) / 猫物語 (黒) (Published July 28, 2010, ISBN 978-4-06-283748-4)
      Nekomonogatari (White) / 猫物語 (白) (Published October 29, 2010, ISBN 978-4-06-283758-3)
      Kabukimonogatari / 傾物語 (Published December 24, 2010, ISBN 978-4-06-283767-5)
      Hanamonogatari / 花物語 (Published March 31, 2011, ISBN 978-4-06-283771-2)
      Otorimonogatari / 囮物語 (Published June 30, 2011, ISBN 978-4-06-283776-7)
      Onimonogatari / 鬼物語 (Published September 28, 2011, ISBN 978-4-06-283781-1)
      Koimonogatari / 恋物語 (Published December 22, 2011, ISBN 978-4-06-283792-7)
      Tsukimonogatari / 憑物語 (TBA 2012)
      Owarimonogatari / 終物語 (TBA 2012)
      Zokuowarimonogatari / 続終物語 (TBA 2012)

  9. B22 says:


    Fuckin lawl, you mother effs.

  10. kamugin says:

    Pretty amazing like the first series! Thanks.

  11. Anon says:

    Poor cr vids reencoded, very disappoint.

  12. rittyC says:

    why is the file so small this time? is the quality worse?

  13. phro says:

    its called koimonogatari. Final Boss approaching

  14. Kanoto says:

    can I just comment on how delicious dat Shinobu looks.
    golden chocolate indeed :D

  15. Rekyuke says:

    Guys and Girls… Some translations of the novels (and tbh quite good one) are in this site.
    The only work they have 100% finnished its kizumonogatari.
    You can download the PDF and read, I already did and SPOILER alert: ITS FUKING AWESOME…
    Kinda of obviouse spoiler xD

  16. synd says:

    Platinum happy that it ended.
    I can’t imagine how worse it could be if there were 2 more episodes. I already said at animetake what I thought about the episode

    • Rekyuke says:

      Well I did went to the trouble of checking your useless and missinformed comment at animetake…

      1st of all, about the haitcut its the same in books..

      2nd normally in blue rays you might get too see something more in the violence aspect

      3rd the only proplem in nisemonogatari which you didnt mention is that lacks alot fo plot, about nadeko about senjogahara and about hanekawa.

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  18. Linzhen says:

    i am platinum mad that it ended too but 2nd season was a pretty good save since 1st one ended, so cut them some slack. hopefully they’ll come up with all the “STORY”ies

  19. Tsunderella says:

    so nishio got short hair fetish or sumthing?
    gimme bak hitagi’s beautiful long hair

  20. Joti says:

    Anime News Network says that there are 12 episodes, but does not give an episode title for episode 12 (or for episode 11).