Nisemonogatari 5


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24 Responses to “Nisemonogatari 5”

  1. sfhjj says:

    Thanks for the speedy release!

  2. Fag It says:

    WTF happened to the live stream? I saw a post for it just a moment ago, now it’s gone.

    Bring back the Saturday-evening-quality-control live.

  3. Rock Hunter says:

    is it just me or what cause torrent is dead same goes for guilty crown.

  4. KuroLoli says:

    Ho ho! You guys ARE fast! :3

  5. Rock Hunter says:

    problem solved

  6. Alex says:

    Thanks :D

  7. B22 says:

    Bogustory? lawl, fuckin tarded. :3

  8. anon says:

    Can you guys please include honorific? I love the joke “karen-chan and tsukihi-chan” but without honorific the liberal translation is somewhat insufficient to describe the deep meaning.

    • anonymous says:

      What is wrong with hearing “chan” while reading?

      It isn’t necessary to have them written out when you can hear it as you read.

    • Csiko says:

      We had a discussion about it, and it was discovered that none of the target audience would have gotten the subtle, intended -chan joke anyway.

      Though if you ask, fnord can probably explain it to you.

    • anon says:

      … You can’t be serious.

      If you really think you can absorb all the depth the glorious Nipponese language has to offer, why not just turn off the subs? That way, you don’t even have to deal with our bullshit subs that fail to convey things exactly the way you want!

    • Shurakai says:

      If you already get the “deep meaning” based on the actual dialogue, then that’s great. No need to beleaguer them to add honorifics which has been done time and time again to no effect.

  9. KuroLoli says:

    Whats with that new picture? Haha.

  10. 74pka says:

    Need to update that picture to ver.2.0 and further

  11. =t= says:

    The file is mistagged.

    Someone at commie fails at CRC32 or torrent, the file in the torrent has crc32 of [0e666cd4] and is 273 bytes longer than what is in anidb, 219.599.360 instead of expected 219.599.087.

    Oh I see, hex editor tells me the file in the torrent has a string of 273 bytes filled with binary zeros at the end. If you delete those, you get a file that’s 219.599.087 bytes long and the crc becomes [2fc34921] just as tagged.


  12. amen665 says:

    op kara broke my mpc =( using cccp with that xy-vsfilter. i probably fkd it up on my end somewhere since no one is bitching about it here.

    • amen665 says:

      sry for the double dipping…

      fixed… i just switched the (xy-vsfilter stable)build with the… works fine now.