No Game No Life 06


thing status: still broken

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15 Responses to “No Game No Life 06”

  1. lae says:

    fucking faggosaurus

  2. Bigboyleon says:

    Why are this show always delayed 1 week, are you guys useing another RAW then horrible subs or is this show not a priority?

  3. Anon says:

    Wait wait, is this THE one? Bye bye Haali users.

    • herkz says:

      every release from now on (when the bot muxes the file at least) will break on haali

      • Anon says:

        Can’t wait for the butthurt.

        • scizzer12 says:

          Doesn’t CCCP come with Haali?

          • herkz says:

            nope. it’s used lav splitter for quite a while now.

            • xmagus says:

              Hmm, is there a specific valid reason for this intentional bugger-up of Haali? It would appear not – it seems to me that you’re actually doing additional work (not much, but still additional) to break it. If you were creating a normal sub and *that* broke Haali, that’s one thing – but to purposely inject comments that do nothing useful *except* break Haali… well, I suppose one must have one’s fun. I don’t think it’s a public service, but do enjoy whatever happens next, I guess.

              Not that it’s impotant – I use LAV myself too.

              • herkz says:

                actually we only discovered this bug due to unintentionally causing it (it was also bugged in aegisub too, so some good came of it)

                and really, haali is extremely out of date and not even used in recent versions of cccp, so i think it’s actually a good thing that we’re forcing people to update

                also, it’s about 10 lines of code in the bot to add the line to each release

                • Anon says:

                  >(it was also bugged in aegisub too, so some good came of it)

                  I was just wondering why I couldn’t open the file in AegiSub.

  4. Catastrophe says:

    oh, you doing the pic changing thing again.

    dai midara where?

  5. codenamezero says:

    The subtitle is not working on this episode?

    • ZTF says:

      Just fixed this myself. Download the latest CCCP Run the settings application, then click “CCCP System Settings” and make sure the MKV box is checked on the LAV side, not the Haali side. This fixed it for me.

  6. RDF says:

    Haali Splitter a shit.