No More Love-ru




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  1. Mr Lucipher says:

    Huh, I forgot this was still going on.

  2. Niku says:

    Yes, I can finally close the book on this case.

  3. Home_Despot says:

    Your translations have made more sense to me on a number of occasions over the series, especially in terms of the humor. So thanks! I’ve been looking forward to this.

    Best wishes to all.

    In terms of the delay:
    1. I hope you’re feeling better;
    2. I’m sorry to hear about the break-up
    3. I’m glad the operation went well. I hope you will be happy with the outcome;
    4. The dissertation committee said what? Those bastards.
    5. The police are just bluffing.
    6. Those home tests are meaningless.
    7. ?

    Pick any or all good wishes.

    • lovelyidol says:

      PFFT! It was only delayed cuz I really didnt wanna do it :P

      • Home_Despot says:

        None of my business of course, but was it just this type of tickle and tease farce comedy that you were tired of? I could understand that.

        In that case, how about a nice dark alternate ending so you don’t have to face MTLRu again:
        Haruna, Rito’s long-time crush, confesses her love to Rito, just as Lala, Run, and 3 other assorted females along with his sister(!) do the same. Rito, with his face turning a bright embarrassed red as it often has before, also begins grabbing at his chest and appears to die of a heart attack on the spot. Apparently, he was finally embarrassed to death, a leading cause of apparent death among Japanese males of his age. Rito also appears to be cremated, have his ashes interred at a cemetery and his ghost appears to walk away with the ghost of his grandfather who can’t stop laughing because Rito died a virgin despite having been naked with at least 8 gorgeous females, if you include the school nurse.

        The episode closes with a vicious knife fight developing among the survivors.

        There. All gone, never to return. Apparently…

      • ლ(❛◡❛✿)ლ says:

        So sad to hear that you turned gay…

        Well, enjoy your Yaoi then -> -> щ(´D`щ)゚∀゚

      • ლ(❛◡❛✿)ლ says:

        So sad to hear that you turned gay…

        Well, enjoy your Yaoi then -> -> щ(´D`щ)゚∀゚

  4. MountainGoat says:

    At last, the set is completed! ;p

  5. balldick says:

    about dicking time.

  6. Spinak says:

    Thanks a lot for finishing! Awesome quality work the whole way.
    Hope you guys pick up season 3 if there will be a season 3. Thanks for the efforts!

  7. qaz says:

    just letting you know, episode 22 of Heroman, the video quality is messed up; the blurriness is overwhelming unlike any other episode. i’m pretty sure that it is the encoder fault because even horriblesubs’s video is much clearer.